Diablo III Collector's Edition looted, detailed

No, Blizzard didn't reveal Diablo III's release date at BlizzCon. Apparently, despite nearly making a 2011 release, it's still not far enough along for the developer to confirm when we'll actually be able to buy it. But there's a bit of good news to help mask the taste of disappointment: the developer did announce the game's special edition, and detail all of the goodies we'll be able to loot once we crack it open sometime next year.

Besides coming with a copy of the game, the "Ultimate Diablo III Experience" also packs in a wide variety of other enticing additions. Fans willing to spend a little more money (or a lot more, they haven't confirmed a price just yet) will be getting a Collector's Edition soundtrack, the Art of Diablo III, a number of exclusive in-game items, and a Diablo skull that fits a 4GB USB drive that looks like a Soulstone. The in-game items are actually for a number of different Blizzard games: Diablo players will get some aesthetic artifacts, WoW subscribers will get a Fetish Shaman pet, and StarCraft II fans will unlock new Battle.net portraits. Yeah, StarCraft II sort of gets the short end of the stick here.

There's no price and, obviously, no release date given, but we're expecting to hear more closer to release. Then again, if you're going to be getting the World of Warcraft Annual Pass you're going to be given a free copy of the regular edition anyway, so you don't even have to worry.

Oct 21, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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