WoW Annual Pass revealed, includes free digital copy of Diablo III

Today brings exciting news from BlizzCon 2011 for Diablo fans as Blizzard Entertainment has announced the World of Warcraft Annual Pass; a 12-month subscription that comes with a slew of bonuses, including access to the beta test for Mists of Pandaria. But access to pre-release content is just the tip of the iceberg - subscribers will also be getting free digital copies of Diablo III. To answer to your first question: no, this is not a cruel joke. To answer to your second: yes, you can sign up today...

Available now, the WoW Annual Pass is a year long membership, which can be paid in full or by month. Those who sign on will be able to keep Diablo III regardless of whether or not they continue to stick with WoW past the first year. They will also receive a free Tyrael Charger mount for WoW, and considering that World of Warcraft's mounts can often sell for high-prices, it seems like it's a good deal, even without Diablo III. Full details, plus a link to an extended FAQ, can be lifted from the WoW Annual Pass website.

We can already hear our friends, who have proudly been World of Warcraft free for years, making excuses for signing up. "I mean, it's like a free copy of Diablo III!" they'll say as they grind their Pandaren Monk to level 90. Call it an awesome incentive or straight out bribery, but a free copy of a Diablo III for a year of WoW is a stellar promotion for anyone already tripping around Azeroth. Does this promotion entice you to buy into Blizzard's new yearly program?

Oct 21, 2011

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