Diablo 4's level 100 pinnacle challenge encounter has been temporarily disabled

Diablo 4
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4's level 100 pinnacle challenge has been temporarily disabled by Blizzard while the developer works to "resolve" a few things related to the encounter. 

As announced by Blizzard community manager Adam Fletcher over on the Blizzard Forums: "The level 100 pinnacle challenge encounter has been temporarily disabled as we work to resolve a few items related to this encounter." 

It's not been revealed how long the encounter will be disabled but since Diablo 4 players are currently racing to be the first 1,000 players to hit the level cap, here's hoping it gets sorted soon. 

The first person to reach level 100 was streamer Rob2628, who managed to reach the Diablo 4 max level in softcore mode in just 54 hours and 30 minutes. Considering the game has only been out for a few days so far, that's pretty impressive. Behind Rob, there's also Twitch streamers CArn_ and Wudijo who both managed to complete the challenge too, but in hardcore mode. You can keep track of the competition on the D4race website.

It's not been completely smooth sailing for Diablo 4 players in the level 1,000 race. So far, several streamers have had their time cut short due to the game glitching on them. Diablo 4 player @_RetroKrystal spent 20 hours working their way up to level 46 before their game crashed on hardcore mode resulting in them having to start from scratch. Another player, Max "Maximum" Smith, also had a similar issue at level 18 which they described as "brutal."

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