Diablo 4 players accuse Battle Pass' 666 coin reward of being "mathematically the scummiest amount Blizzard could have given"

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Diablo 4 players think the 666 Platinum payout that comes with Battle Pass is "mathematically the scummiest amount Blizzard could have given".

Following the arrival of Season 1 of Blizzard's acclaimed action RPG, players were quick to discover that the Diablo 4 Battle Pass coin reward wasn't actually enough to buy even the cheapest item, let alone the next pass. But it seems this number is even more unfair than that. 

Over on the Diablo 4 subreddit, user jessewperez1 has pointed out why the 666 coins the pass gives you is "mathematically the scummiest amount" that Blizzard could have offered. As the player explains, if you want to use it to buy future Battle Passes (which cost 1,000 coins), with the second pass, you'll have amassed 1,332 coins, enough for one pass, and you'll have 332 coins to spare. 

If you were to get another 666 coins when Season 3 rolls around, then you'd have a grand total of 998, just two coins off the price of another Battle Pass. "No doubt this is intentional," says jessewperez1. "I would really love if someone from Blizzard actually discussed the battle pass and their predatory mechanics at any of these fireside chats but they are never mentioned."

jessewperez1 is just one of many displeased with the latest discovery. "Blizzard has become all about the greed these days. Monetize the fun out of everything," says one Diablo 4 player in the comments. Another replies: "They definitely thought this was genius because it's also 666, the satanic number and relates to their demonic theme so well. I can really imagine them being proud of this because whatever department is in charge of this is definitely not full of gamers and is out of touch."

This isn't the only bad practice Blizzard has been accused of, as only days ago, players called the publisher out for "deliberately and maliciously" designing its menus so that they accidentally activate Battle Pass.  

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