Diablo 4 dev explains how they draw the line on builds getting too overpowered

A gang of Diablo 4's ghouls hurtle towards the screen
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4's developer really doesn't want you to feel overpowered.

In the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine lead class designer Adam Z. Jackson spoke about combat design, admitting that it's "fun to be powerful, and even to feel or be overpowered" a little bit, but that "there are lines."

"Everything's on a spectrum," Jackson said, adding that the interviewer's Necromancer build was "outside of the spectrum." That's bad luck for this particular wielder of the undead, and might also be a bit of a warning sign for those who would manipulate Diablo 4's classes and builds to become a little overpowered.

Jackson even nodded along before the PC Gamer interviewer had finished describing their personal Necromancer build. The lead class designer has probably heard this all before, and the interview reveals they definitely aren't afraid of warning players away from overpowered builds.

This pretty much sets the stage for Diablo 4's class builds going forward. Jackson's comments make it sound like Blizzard probably won't be afraid to step in and adjust metrics should they see one particular class build becoming overpowered among its players base.

We see this from developers all the time after they've received post-launch feedback and statistics on player behaviour, so Jackson's comments are hardly a surprise. When Diablo 4 launches later this year on June 6, we can expect Blizzard to be keeping a watchful eye on your builds.

Diablo 4's next open beta takes place later this month, rolling out on all platforms between May 12 and 14.

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Hirun Cryer

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