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Dexter revival gets a teaser trailer

The Dexter revival series has released its first teaser trailer, and it looks like our favorite serial killer with a moral compass back to his old ways.

The 30-second teaser for the Showtime limited series - simply titled 'Misunderstood' - echoes the final shot of the original series, after Dexter (Michael C. Hall) retires to Oregon after faking his own death. The teaser opens with a picturesque shot of what is almost certainly the Oregon woods in winter, before panning over a fire burning outside and then into a cabin window. Standing in the window, his face reflected in the glass, is none other than Dexter himself, who has shaved the beard he grew at the end of the season finale. You can see and hear someone wrapped up cellophane struggling on a couch behind him. Seems like someone is back to murdering. 

If the visuals weren't obvious enough, there's the audio. The trailer is set to 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' by Nina Simone, a song with lyrics that include "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good/Please don't let me be misunderstood." Considering the Dexter series hinges on its eponymous character murdering people who he thinks deserves it, it's a fitting soundtrack. 

The Dexter revival still doesn't have a set release date, but we know it's due back in Fall 2021 and that it will run for 10 episodes. Recently, GamesRadar reported that the Dexter revival cast Clancy Brown as the series antagonist, so you know there's a powerful character actor facing off against Michael C. Hall. 

Dexter revival will be better than "unsatisfying" finale, Michael C. Hall suggests. 

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