Devil May Cry 5 secret weapon: how to get the dual Kalina Ann rocket launchers

It's easy to miss the Devil May Cry 5 secret rocket launcher, the Kalina Ann 2. Given that's it's actually dropped when Dante and his pals receive a beating at the start of Devil May Cry 5. However, find it and you can dual wield rocket launchers and if that doesn't sell it to you then why are you even playing DMC 5? 

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You can forgive Lady for losing her trademark Kalina Ann rocket launcher in an early Devil May Cry 5 scuffle. Especially as later in the game Dante receives Nico’s own souped up take on the classic, the Kalina Ann 2. The real win though is that you can still find the original Kalina Ann. It's tough to spot in Mission 11, and the only weapon in the game that you can just find and pick up in the middle of a level.

It's worth the trouble though as having both Kalina Ann rocket launchers unlocks the Double Kalina Ann as a weapons option, with its own moves and upgrades. It’s a must have for causing some stylish carnage.

How to get the double Kalina Ann rocket launcher

You’ll be able to discover the Kalina Ann rocket launcher early on in Mission 11, when you get to the buildings through the gates. However, you'll first need to destroy some red root clusters to move buildings around to create new pathways and open up new areas. Look for this area: 

Drop down and you'll come across a couple of root systems to hack up. The one here is what you'll need to destroy to move forward, creating a path up top for Dante to follow in the main mission.

Don’t go straight back up though because you'll also want to destroy the other set of roots on this lower level to reach the Kalina Ann rocket launcher. Specifically, these ones: 

Destroying these will cause the first building you went through to lower and reveal a path back up to the higher level, through a room with a painting that the camera pans to. 

Go down this newly revealed route and when you reach the point below with the clearly lit room ahead, make sure you don’t miss a little alcove on the right, marked by red orbs. This is the way you need to go for the rocket launchers but because of the darkness it’s easily missed.

Pass into the right hand opening and follow the path. Eventually you’ll come to a room where you can see that something has come crashing down from above, destroying the objects around it. You can't miss it as it's marked with a “???” when you get near it. 

Picking that up will reveal the original Kalina Ann lost at the start of the game. If you already have the Kalina Ann 2 this automatically unlock the Double Kalina Ann and auto-equip it.

How to use the Double Kalina Ann

Once you obtain the Double Kalina Ann it auto-equips into the slot the single rocket launcher would be in. You can change it back in the Equipment tab of the Customisation menu to a single Kalina Ann, but why would you want to?

All your usual moves remain, only now with the power of two rocket launchers. You’ll want to make sure you drop some red orbs in the shop to unlock the Cascade skill to make best use of double packing. With that unlocked holding the button to use the gun will slot them one onto the other length wise to unleash a devastating heat ray attack. Not only does it pack a punch, but tearing through enemies with this will give you a massive style boost.

You’ll also want to upgrade the Gunslinger style to level up the Hysteric move, which unleashes a huge barrage of homing missile from both at once. The Gunslinger style will also gain you access to even more moves, like a jump attack that’ll blow a missile right below you. Whatever you do though, all your moves will hit harder and more stylishly in general with the Double Kalina Ann than with the solo option. 

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