Devil May Cry 5 best Devil Breaker guide - master Nero's robotic arms with these tips

In Devil May Cry 5, the best Devil Breakers provide a great short cut to some fantastic combat moves in DMC 5, and are probably the best part of Capcom’s latest demon-hunting entry. In Devil May Cry 5 Blowing the heads off demons with a revolver feels fantastic, melee attacks connect with a bang, but above all, Nero’s new bionic-arm weapon, the Devil Breakers shine.

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The best Devil Bringers provide a number of additional abilities that spice up fights by letting you do things like slow down time or use shockwaves to offset enemy moves. There are eight different breakers that unlock over the course of the game, including a few extra ones if you shell out for the deluxe edition of the game.

How to use the best Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5

Every Devil Breaker has two moves, a basic attack that’s trigger by pressing circle on the PS4 and B on the Xbox One, and a more powerful attack that’s used by holding the same button. There's also a Break Away move on the left bumper that will destroy the arm with a powerful attack. These arms will also be destroyed if you're hit while using them as well. So you want to be careful but don't worry too much about breaking them - you can't switch them out manually so destroying them is the only way to change to a new one. Early on you’ll only be able to equip a few breakers (you’ll get to unlock more slots over time in the customization menu) so it’s good to know how to use them to the best of their ability. 

Whatever Devil Breaker you equip you can alway have a grab ability available to either pull enemies to you, or you to them - a valuable tool in combat to close distances and keep your style flowing. 

Can you change Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5? 

Short answer: no. As we mentioned above the only way to change a Devil Breaker is to break it, either intentionally with a break away attack or by being hit while using it. It's best to not get too attached to them and get used to breaking them regularly to change up the flow of battle and your options. You'll find more in the world as you play too, so you'll rarely run out. 

The best Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5

So, with the basics covered lets take a look at the bestDevil May Cry 5 Devil Breakers. Take note that you won't have access to all of these right at the start, but as you unlock the better options consider taking some time to get to know them as it can make a huge different to your demon slaying adventures.  

1. Ragtime

Ragtime is probably my favorite Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker. It stops time so you can reposition for bigger combos, set up an attack plan, or get away from a hairy situation. Ragtime is an all-purpose breaker since it’s useful in most scenarios - you can couple it with aggressive or defensive play styles and get a lot out of it either way.

2. Punch Line

Punch Line is an absolutely wild breaker if I do say so, it’s jet propulsion packs a massive hit that can send enemies, even huge bosses, flying into the air in pain. The breaker features jet gadget, the ability to shoot the breaker and detonate it remotely, and boost knuckle, a haymaker hit that’s released by holding the breaker button. Use with caution. 

The breaker also gives you the ability to ride the projectile, a mobile arm, around the level after shooting it. You can then do various skateboard-like manoeuvres by using the various face buttons as you cruise in the air for a bit. Punch Line may feel a bit intimidating compared to Overture and Gerbera but it’s worth the learning investment. It’s uppercut, that nasty haymaker, is one of the most satisfying moves in the game. 

3. Gerbera

The Gerbera, another early-game Devil Breaker, is perfect for defensive play and one of the most useful breakers in the entire game. Jocky, the breaker's standard move, can negate and reflect enemy attacks when used on its own. If you hold the analog stick while using the Gerbera you can use the shockwaves the breaker makes to dodge attacks and move around quickly. 

Considering how important combos are in Devil May Cry, the Gerbera is perfect to help acclimate new players to the fast and complicated combat. It should even help fans who haven’t played the series in over 10 years - since whose replaying Devil May Cry 4 anyway?

4. Overture

The Overture is one of the Devil Breakers you start off with. It’s a basic model that’s good to mix in with regular melee combat. It creates shockwaves that hurt most enemies and kills weaker ones - good for when you catch yourself off guard with enemies in front and behind you. 

Overture's moves are battery and exploder. Exploder is good to use when surrounded by multiple enemies as it can knock them back and set up for long combos. 

5. Buster Arm

Buster Arm is Nico’s attempt at creating Nero’s demon arm, the Devil Bringer, that was ripped off his body by a mysterious foe. It’s a mega-powerful arm that can apply devastating hits that launch enemies across the room, even the big ones. What’s even better this time around is that different enemies should have different animations for how the Buster Arm hits them and that’s something to keep an eye on.

6. Rawhide

While Rawhide is basically just a chain whip attached to Nero’s arm, it’s one of the most useful arms in the game for building up combos at range. It contains a basic whip attack and a grab that swings enemies around before discarding them. Neither are particular flashy but they get the job done. 

7. Tomboy

The Tomboy breaker is unique in giving Nero a huge boost of power to Red Queen and Blue Rose, his sword and gun, in exchange for his other abilities. While using Tomboy he can’t lock on or move freely, but each hit does plenty more damage. 

Tomboy's enhancement to Nero’s gun does feel out of place in Devil May Cry 5, since it turns the coordinated hack-and-slash nature of the series into a shooter at some points. Still, it’s a powerful move that does good damage. Although you’ll need to be able to aim competently to get anything done with it. 

8. Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter, despite its killer name, is one of the more mundane Devil Breakers. At its core it is a three layered drill that gets more intense as you attack at close range. Keep tapping the Devil Breaker button throughout the attack and each layer will open up and do additional damage. 

It’s particularly gruesome to drill three layers in to an enemies belly, but as Capcom has said, “they deserve it.” If anything, Helter Skelter is good for breaking through blocks and shields, although there are other breakers that help get around those roadblocks too. 

Other Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breakers

There are a few other breakers that come in the Deluxe Edition of the game, including the Pasta Breaker, Sweet Surrender, Mega Buster (in stunning Mega Man blue), and a special version of the Gerbera. However, these mostly have novelty value rather then any practical use: 

  • Pasta Breaker - Literally created to help Nero eat, so next to no use in combat. However, every time you use it the remaining Devil Breakers in your inventory will cycle round one spot. That makes it the only thing in the game that can change Devil Breakers around without destroying them. 
  • Sweet Surrender - This Devil Breaker has literally no combat ability but will passively heal you over time. You can also use its Break Away attack to heal a larger chunk of health. 
  • Mega Buster - This is basically just Mega Man's Mega Buster blaster arm. It shoots laser blasts on a regular attack and a larger, more damaging attack for its Break Away. 
  • Gerbera GP01 - This is a recoloured Gerbera as a tribute to its designer, Gundam GP01 designer Shoji Kawamori. It has one new move where triggering an attack without a direction will boost Nero straight up or down from his current position. 

Whatever you go for though, take a bit of time to find the loadout that’s right for you. Then dump it and use Ragtime, Punch Line, Gerbera, (thank me later). 

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