Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission locations: How to find every DMC 5 Secret Mission

If the Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission locations aren't top of your list while your playing they should be. In a game packed full of collectible bits, the Secret Missions are one of the more lucrative distractions you can seek out, denoted by a hidden pentagram usually found via exploration or by a precise camera angle. 

These Secret Missions will test the skills that you’ve learned so far as Nero, V and Dante and, crucially, offer up a Blue Orb Fragment in return. If you want to max out your Vitality this is crucial, as it’s impossible without finding and completing these challenges. Follow along as we lay the smack down on some demons and teach you how to find every Secret Mission in Devil May Cry 5.

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How to find Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5

The Devil May Cry 5 secret missions aren't always easy to find because they wouldn't be very secret otherwise. Instead you have to keep any eye out for a red pentagram like design somewhere in the world. To activate the mission you need to frame this sigil perfectly in the screen centre, which will make a glowing red marker appear. When you have the position exactly right a Secret Mission prompt will appear letting you access the extra challenge. For some mission this symbol can be split over several surfaces, requiring a precise alignment to activate. In others, the markers are just on the wall but in hidden or hard to reach locations.  

Secret Mission 1

Confusingly enough, the first Secret Mission in Devil May Cry 5 is in Mission 2. Playing as Nero, after you get past the section that looks like Piccadilly Circus and enter a decrepit building, the game will introduce you to the Nidhogg Hatchling. Once you’ve wrapped this puzzle up, keep going until a tentacle burrows through the wall and forces your path into a bedroom. The game will actually give you this one for free by showing you the Pentagram on the wall, but the place where you need to stand is on the side of the bed closest to the back wall. It’s a red point that you stand on, which you use to line up the pentagram in your perspective until it turns red, and this will unlock the Secret Mission. Sorted.

Secret Mission 2

In mission 3, still as Nero, you will use your zip wire ability to hop into a sewer about halfway through the level. Once you’re in there, you’ll see roots blocking a door with an exit sign above it. Progress until you destroy the roots, and then head into this room, but instead of heading up, hop down to the bottom floor and look up and you will see the pentagram above you. The red point is in a little archway. Line it up and unlock it!

Secret Mission 3

In mission 4 now, you’ll be playing as emo prince V. When you enter a cobbled street area, you should fight in front of a wall covered in a skeleton mural. Break it by summoning Nightmare who will burst through. Then, follow the ruins of the building through until you find a second Nidhogg hatchling. Backtrack and then take the left path past the mural building and all the way to the end. On the left, unlock the first Nidhogg door and then the next one, then follow the path to a vantage point where you will be lined up properly for the secret mission pentagram.

Secret Mission 4

After starting out in the sewer as V in Mission 5, you will head to a construction site where tendrils keep appearing out of the ceiling. After fighting the second you will see a wall made out of poles and boxes. It looks structurally weak and well… it is. Summon Nightmare to smash through it, and you will see a yellow staircase on the right with an Empusa on it. Head up there to the top and the red point will be sitting there, waiting for you to line up the pentagram. 

Secret Mission 5

Big time skip now. In Mission 8 as Nero, you will come across rock elevators moving through lava. During the second elevator, look to your right and you will see an optional post with a Devil Breaker on. Hop to that and then shoot the floating robot so you can use your zip wire on it. Repeat the process on the next robot whilst in mid-air, and then hop down into a chasm. Stand in the middle on the red point and turn around to look at the pentagram.

Secret Mission 6

Back playing as the V again in Mission 9, you'll spot a thorn-covered door protecting an orb fragment after a set of arches midway through the level. Stand near the door and use Nightmare to bust through and then head forwards and turn around. You will see the pentagram on the back wall - hop up on the stone platform and line it up to unlock the Secret Mission.

Secret Mission 7

In Mission 10 you’ll be playing as Dante, and will be introduced to the Flaming Hellbat during a battle. Once you wipe it out, there will be two tendril doors. Head into the one on the right of the room, and follow the path to the top. Keep jumping until Dante says “Bet I’ll find something here.” Step on the platform and turn around to see the pentagram.

Secret Mission 8

Mission 11 sees you playing as Dante and be asked to descend to advance once you enter the ruins near the start. Dante will moan about the fleshy red globs that you have to destroy to advance. Once you do that, don’t head down, go back up and hop up on the platform that took you into this room. You should see the red platform, where you can line yourself up to capture the pentagram. 

Secret Mission 9

In Mission 12, you will have to fill up four pools of blood around a statue to advance. Drop down the hole after you’ve completed this puzzle and the camera will follow you in an old-school fashion as you enter a ruin. Look up and you should see the pentagram. Switch on trickster style, turn around and jump dash towards the platform behind you and you will find the red spot.

Secret Mission 10

After you escape the dark zone with the three boss battles as V (no spoilers here!) keep going until you have to break a red globby mass to progress. The game will trick you, spinning you around so the camera faces forward, pushing you to progress. A fool would just follow orders, but we’re a little bit slicker than that. Turn around and step on the light to find the pentagram right above you. 

Secret Mission 11

In Mission 15 you will be following a divergent path as Nero. Once you find the Divinity Statue (unfortunately Nico doesn’t get phone service in uh… Hell) go behind the makeshift shop and you will find a skateboarding mini-game where you use your Punch Line Devil Breaker, riding it up steep slopes and following an orb-laden track. Keep going until you hit the back wall. Ride it up and Nero will talk about a “presence.” Stand on the red spot and look behind you. Lo and behold, the 11th pentagram on the cavern wall!

Secret Mission 12

Playing as Dante in Mission 16 you'll alternate between clearing rooms and dropping down shafts. After the third time your progress is blocked to fight, you should battle some of the spinning lizard demons. Clear them and you'll reach another shaft with a large platform immediately below with red and white orbs to collect, and a smaller platform below that with a red orb cluster the left. Jump to that platform and you should see a ledge with a big red orb cluster directly opposite. You'll need to have upgraded Trickster to reach but when you do drop down to the second ledge on the other side where you'll be able to see the Secret Mission on the opposite wall. 

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