Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, July 21-23 - Nemesis Star and MIDA Multi-Tool!

With the Destiny 2 Beta actually happening now you'd expect Xur to be lowering his prices to lure a few people back. But no, everything still costs the same. Either he's really confident you want some new magic space gloves, or he's just really stubborn. 

Here's what's for sale this week? 

  • Legacy Engram (helmet) - 29 strange coins
  • Thagomizers (Titan gauntlets) - 13 strange coins
  • Knucklehead Radar (Hunter helmet) - 13 strange coins
  • The Ram (Warlock helmet) - 13 strange coins
  • MIDA Multi-Tool scout rifle - 23 strange coins
  • Invective and Storms Reproach - 30 strange coins and 25 silver dust
  • Nemesis Star and Silver Bullet - 30 strange coins and 25 silver dust

So what's worth a go? First up MIDA Multi-Tool is near essential. It's not big on frills - its only real perk of note is that it keeps your radar active when aiming - but what it's really good at is making things so dead. If you like single shot weapons then this scout rifle's a must. 

In terms of other guns, Invective is great is you like to pack a shotty. It's got amazing impact and range, can be have it's stability boosted, and can regenerate ammo. When fully tricked out you've got full auto and a damage bonus on your last shell. It doesn't clear crowds, it shreds them. 

Nemesis Star is an exotic machine gun that's worth a look just too see if it works well with your style (as long as that style is shoot everything forever). It's got a good rate of fire and impact, and does well at damaging and staggering enemies. On the downside it's got poor range and a terrible reload time. You can at least counter both of these with perks - Strange Gravity boosts range and accuracy when you hold down the trigger (giving you extra grenade energy but at the expense of your rate of fire) while Spray and Prey reduces reload, if you empty the magazine. Basically this a gun that only works if you jam the trigger down and don't let up.

Like the MIDA Multi-Tool, the Hunter's Knucklehead Radar also gives you radar while aiming, while boosting grenade energy on pick up. To be honest, you're better grabbing MIDA and freeing up a slot for something more impactful. The Titan’s Thagomizers are okay if you play a super-heavy build - the Amplify perk means you’ll get extra Fist of Havoc cooldown for every Storm Fist kill, so you can keep the heavy hitting going, faster and longer. 

The Ram is pretty much a Warlock staple at this point so defintely work a grab if you've not already got it. It boost defence and adds Life Steal to every melee attack, while the Soul Rip perk mean you also boost your Nova Bomb cool down.

As ever, load up on three of coins and exotic shards, and make sure you get the best of Xur before he disappears Sunday night. 

Leon Hurley
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