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Destiny 2 - Io Scannable Object Locations

There are a total of 29 scannable objects on Io.

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The Rupture

Scannable Objects: 5

1) On the north side of the pit containing the Vex pyramid climb the slanted column and go through the passage at the top. Continue through the Vex teleporter, and keep going straight until you're outside. On the balcony to the side Is this scannable object.

2) Northeast of the huge ribcage near the eastern boundary of the area, you'll find the entrance to a cave system. Follow it and keep an eye out for a side passage containing some enemies. Inside will be this partially buried orb you can scan.

3) East of the pyramid, on top of a hill almost directly in the middle of the level, is a Vex building you can enter to scan an object on the wall.

4) Southwest of the pyramid you'll find this buried and broken Vex teleport projection dish.

5) At the north end of the pyramid pit, you can find this old curved metal beam.

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Lost Oasis

Scannable Objects: 5

1) South of the fast travel point you'll find a path leading downward. Next to the path to a cave. Inside the cave is a Region Chest and in an alcove near it, this collection of artifacts to scan.

2) Head to the south-southeast part of the area and look a jump ring guarded by two Vex Hobgoblins. Near them is a cave. Enter, and follow it as far as it goes to find the scannable floating black orb.

3) Near the northeast corner of the area is the entrance to the Grove of Ulan-Tan lost Sector. Just above it on the high ledge to the east is this collectible.

4) In the northeast of the area, just southeast of the path heading to Terrabase Charon, is a cave set in a rock face. Enter it to find another floating black orb to scan.

5) You'll find this Vex artifact on the plateau above the cave you found scannable #4 in the northwest.

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Giant's Scar

Scannable Objects: 5

1) In a cave near the exit to Terrabase Charon in the northwest is a floating curved metal beam to scan.

2) North of the huge drill is a Vex ring you'll want to check out.

3) Southeast of the big drill, near a cave, is an artifact that kind of looks like a torch you can scan.

4) On the southern outside wall of the building that divides the area in half, to the east is a Vex dish which is scannable.

5) On the eastern side of the building in the middle of the area is a room with large windows that overlook the big drill in the north. On the south side of that room there is a black orb to scan on the second story platform.

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The Wraith Mines

Scannable Objects: 3

1) Coming from Terrabase Charon, proceed into the mines until you reach the first large chamber with Fallen enemies. Once you defeat them you need to take the passage on the east side of the room. It'll take you to an area with a Taken Wizard and a mostly buried black orb you can scan on the ground.

2) Go back to the first room you fought the Taken and head west instead of east. Follow the path and you'll reach another room full of Taken. Take them out and check the second floor on the east side of the room to find this black orb.

3) From scannable #2, head north through the passage on the second floor. In this corridor you can't miss the floating black orb you can scan on your right.

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Terrabase Charon

Scannable Objects: 5

1) This scannable, along with all the others, is located in the large circular area where all the Vex and Taken are located. In a cave to the northwest of the area is a black orb to check out.

2) In the southwest corner of the main area is an active laser beam emitter you can scan.

3) In the southeast of the area there's a Vex ring you can scan.

4) Just southwest of scannable #3 you can drop down a small bit and enter a cave. At the end of it is this object.

5) Underneath the ramp to the east of the center of the main area is this cylindrical object which is scannable.

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Excavation Site II

Scannable Objects: 3

1) In the first large room as you enter from Giant's Scar, there is a black orb in the northeast corner you can scan.

2) ln the second large room there's another black orb to scan, in the southwest of the room.

3) In the third large room, in the southwest near the glass, is a third black orb to scan.

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Spine Burrows

Scannable Objects: 2

1) In the northwest part of the bottom half of the area is this Vex device to scan.

2) In the eastern part of the level, under a tree, Is a crushed mechanical body that is scannable.

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The Endless Gate

Scannable Objects: 1

1) When you enter The Endless Gate you'll be in a circular room with a ring of columns on its outer border. Resting on the platform on top of the columns is a scannable.

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