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Destiny 2 Scannable Object locations guide - find every bit of hidden lore

Destiny 2 - The Tower Scannable Object Locations

There are a total of 22 scannable objects in The Tower.

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Scannable Objects: 6

1) In the courtyard, head north towards where the ships land. Use the crates in the east to climb up to the bridge, and whatever you do, don't touch this pile of junk.

2) From the first scannable, head east and look over the ledge to see this junk sitting on an A/C duct.

3) Underneath the ledge where the ships come in is an object of interest. You'll have to stand on the safety net above one of the long antenna looking things, then back up off of the net onto it. Next, you'll have to duck under the steel beams and jump to the ledge. Once on the ledge you can scan the object on the ground.

4) Go down the big ramp next to the bridge to the hangars. Jump down to the catwalk and head south. To the west you'll see some debris down on a metal joint you can go scan.

5) There's a passage leading under the courtyard from the same catwalk you traveled to get to the last object. Go underneath to find the scannable.

6) Go through the small corridor near Banshee-44's stall and down one flight of steps. In the nearly storage room is a scannable object.

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Scannable Objects: 9

1) South of the New Monarchy building, you can drop down to a ledge to find this logbook.

2) Go up the steps near Saraya, then climb another flight to reach this outdoor area with a book you can check out.

3) From collectible #2, go north and look to the west. You can see a balcony with a table on it. Make the tricky jump and look at what's on the table.

4) West of The Courtyard in the square two story area there is an open window on the north side of the second floor you can scan.

5) Exit the Courtyard to the west and In the space between the Courtyard and the Bazaar, go south. On the lower level of the southern end is a girder you can jump on with some junk to scan.

6) In the main section of the Bazaar check the southeast corner for a scannable on a table.

7) From the flight of steps you go down as you enter the main portion of the Bazaar head east a small ways and look for a passageway to the north with a fluorescent light and a lowered gate covering it. Duck under the gate to find this scannable.

8) From collectible #7 go south a small way and before you reach the main path look to your east for a nook behind a pillar containing this blue egg crate you can check out.

9) From scannable #2 go to the north end of the bridge and jump at northeast flag. If you time it right your Guardian will pull themselves up and you’ll be standing precariously on top of the flagpole. Jump north towards the opening with the cat and you’ll hit a ledge. Slowly head to the east and jump across the gap to the air conditioning duct to find the object.

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Scannable Objects: 7

1) Near the entrance to the main part of the Hangar are some robots to scan.

2) In the northwest corner of the Hangar, on the catwalk, is a computer you can scan.

3) Southeast and above the area containing The Future Warcult there is a catwalk. You'll have to jump down from it out to this pipe to reach the scannable.

4) Using the same catwalk as you did to get scannable #3, go north until you find these missiles suspended from the ceiling. Jump on top of them to find an object to scan.

5) Near the southeast corner of the room, shimmy up the yellow cross beams to the nook above.

6) Climb up the red platform in the southeast of the Hangar to find this object.

7) In the southwest cover of the hanger, exit to outdoors on the safety net. Head west and jump to the platform near the docked ship to find this object on some crates.

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