Destiny 2 patch notes: Hotfix fixes Astral Alignment and adds crossplay chat

Destiny 2 Bungie image Season of the Lost warlock holding new Lorentz Driver Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle
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The Destiny 2 patch notes update reveal hotfix is pretty small - as hotfixes generally are - but it includes some important changes that fix some activities, mods, and weapons in Destiny 2. However, the Radiant Dance Machines and Wormgod Caress Exotic armor pieces remain disabled. Here are some of the most notable updates from the Destiny 2 hotfix patch notes.

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Destiny 2 Hotfix patch notes

Destiny 2 Astral Alignment fix

Astral Alignment, the new seasonal activity, was a little broken with the launch of Season of the Lost, but it has since been fixed with this Destiny 2 update. The Ether collection encounter requires players to shoot blue Ether orbs out of the air but destroying every single one caused the encounter to lock the entire activity and prevent any further progress. Bungie temporarily disabled this encounter from popping up in Astral Alignment to reduce locking, but it’s now back in along with a fix for it. Season of the Lost also brought in crossplay across Destiny 2, but players have been unable to communicate across platforms. Thankfully, that’s now been fixed with the addition of cross-platform chat.

Lorentz Driver Crucible nerf

The new Lorentz Driver Season Pass Exotic weapon has also had part of its Exotic tracking perk removed, but only in PvP. Lorentz Driver’s Lagrangian Sight perk gives the weapon an automatic targeting system that randomly selects a nearby enemy and tracks them with a red marker, even through walls, until they are dead. This was obviously very strong in the Crucible where players using the weapon had a free random wallhack ability, so Bungie removed the red marker in Crucible activities. However, the targeting system still randomly chooses an enemy that, when defeated, will drop a telemetry pattern.

Destiny 2 armor mod and Iron Banner weapon fixes

The new Iron Banner weapons, the Forge’s Pledge Pulse Rifle and the Peacebond Sidearm, did not have any special Iron Banner perks available to get, but now Forge’s Pledge can roll with Iron Grip and Peacebond can get Iron Reach. Furthermore, with the Destiny 2 Season of the Lost patch update, which saw Warmind Cells and a few mods get nerfed, the Global Reach mod was supposed to have its energy cost increased from one to three. Some of you may have noticed that this never happened, but unfortunately its true cost has now been updated to the intended three energy.

Destiny cosmetic and emblem fixes 

Finally, hotfix brought out a few minor cosmetic fixes, including a fix for the new Iron Banner and Exotic armor pieces not properly taking shaders, and the new Shards of Galanor ornament not properly displaying colors. There was also an issue where Destiny 2 players that have pre-ordered The Witch Queen expansion did not have the exclusive Lucidity emblem showing up in their collections, but that has also been fixed.

You can read the full hotfix patch notes on Bungie’s blog post.

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