Destiny 2 disables 2 Exotics after players break the game with green pants and a hammer

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 players recently found two new ways to utterly decimate everything in the game, forcing Bungie to disable two pieces of Exotic armor just days after the start of the new season. 

It started with Titans and the changes to the throwing hammer on the middle-tree solar subclass. Put simply, the latest update made the hammer hit way, way harder – so hard, in fact, that when combined with a specific set of bonuses and the old Exotic arms Wormgod Caress, you can insta-kill raid bosses on your own, as this video from Ehroar demonstrates.

That's partly thanks to an exploit that allows your hammer to repeatedly bounce between you and enemies to hit multiple times, but a single hammer throw was still capable of decimating damn near anything smaller than Atheon. Bungie disabled (opens in new tab) the Wormgod Caress on August 27. 

Shortly after Titans started hammering bosses flatter than pancakes, Hunters began conquering updated Lost Sectors to claim the new Radiant Dance Machine Exotic boots. These flamboyant trousers let you dodge multiple times in a row as long as you're near enemies, and it didn't take long for players to pair them with Super-generating mods like Dynamo. With just a single enemy and some cheap mods, you can charge any Super in a matter of seconds, trivializing virtually all firefights. The Radiant Dance Machines were disabled at the same time as Wormgod Caress. 

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Both of these Exotics are still disabled, but may well be re-enabled with the August 31 reset, assuming Bungie's worked out a fix by then. Going by the current pattern, I look forward to seeing how Warlocks break the game next week. 

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