How to get the huge Traveller ball in the Tower in Destiny 2

Have you seen that massive floaty Traveller ball in the Tower in Destiny 2? If so you’re probably wondering how to get it - let me explain. 

It involves several stages where you have to kick the ball that already exists in the Tower into a series of secret locations. Each time you succeed, the current ball will disappear and then respawn as a different colour for you to repeat the process with a new target location. Get all the balls to their respective spots and a huge inflatable Traveller will appear over the Tower and slowly descend for all to play with. 

Here’s how to do it. I'll wish you good luck because you’ll need it: not only are the balls really bouncy and hard to control, but chances are everyone will think you’re playing and try to join in. At least if it goes over the edge it’ll respawn at its current colour.  

NOTE: for the purposes of left/right/front/back direction assume that facing out towards the city if ‘forwards.’

The purple ball

All the balls appear on the pile of stacked sheets behind and to the left of the main area you spawn in. Get the purple ball down and head to the arch on the right. Take it up the stairs that head left and get it into the circle shape on the floor. You’ll always know when you’re done because fireworks will go off and the ball will disappear. 

The green ball 

Go back to the stack and you’ll find a green ball has appeared. Take that towards the front and look on the left for a small stairwell that goes down and turns right, with a guard at the bottom. Get the ball down there for some fireworks. 

The black ball

Back to the stacks again to find a black ball. That needs to go to the back left up stairs area. You’ll see a gantry heading out with a big red flag and two white chevron markings on the floor. Kick it over the railing right at the end to complete this bit. 

The blue ball 

This is the trickiest one. At the front of the main area you’ll see a narrow bridge between the left and right sides. In the middle of it is a little bit that sticks out towards the city with a couple of red boxes. Kick it over the railing of the outcropping, out towards the city, for fireworks and you’re done. 

The big Traveller

You’ll know the big Traveller ball has arrived because fireworks will light up the sky as it materialises in the air over the original spawn point. It’s super floaty so it’ll take a while to come down to Earth, and probably go over the nearest railing in a matter of minutes.  

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