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So, you've just killed Araskes in Target: The Trickster. Who's next? Why it's Kaniks, the Mad Bomber of course. Head to his Adventure beacon on The Tangled Shore to start the mission.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: The Mad Bomber

Follow your marker into Four-Horn Gulch, back to a nearby encampment, where a Scorn ambush awaits you, complete with Raiders, Screebs, and Ravagers. More will spawn in once you've killed the first bunch, alongside The Mad Bomber himself, who will attack you briefly before disappearing again.

You'll need to disable the Splinter Mine before the time runs out by standing in its radius and defending it from attacking Scorn, while the meter on the bottom of your screen fills up to 100%. Prioritise AoE attacks like explosives and supers here, as the enemies will come in thick and fast.

With the mine disabled, follow the Red Legion ships in the sky above you (hop on our sparrow), and you'll soon find yourself back on the High Plains, tasked with defeating three Scorn war chieftains in the area. These guys have a fair amount of health, but aren't massively vexing, since they're separate from each other and focused on fighting Cabal as much as you, so long as you destroy any shield totems they deploy to disable their immunity. You can even use a nearby Cabal vehicle to deliver more exclusive damage from a more protected vantage point.

Once you've eliminated all three chieftains, you'll have to defuse yet more mines in the same way as before, and they'll appear as lettered checkpoints on your marker, scattered around the high plains. You can complete this objective without ever leaving your vehicle, if that makes things easier, though be careful of those high powered Scorn Abominations, who could easily blow the entire thing up. 

Your waypoint will then guide you into a pit, where a teleporter will take you the next area, a restricted zone and final boss fight with the Mad Bomber. True to his name, the Bomber will throw explosive projectiles at you from afar, so never stay in one place to make sure he doesn't land any major hits. 

He'll also spawn in Scorn, while teleporting around the zone and often firing from a high vantage point. I suggest you do the same, skirting the upper area, focusing your fire on him while close ranging any adds you come across in your constant momentum. Don't get too close to the boss, however, as his stomp attack - like previous barons - can be fatal to any unsuspecting Guardian. 

At certain points, Kaniks will retreat and you'll have to defuse more of his mines, which pop up around the fighting area, to draw him back out. It's basically the same thing you've been doing this whole mission, except the onslaught of enemies are exclusively Screeb and Ravagers, and bringing him back in the fold allows you to finish him off with any supers, heavy ammo, or grenades you have left in the chamber. 

Kaniks has one last trick up his sleeve, though. Upon his death, he'll activate a massive bomb that you'll need to defuse by hurriedly following your marker to its source, and defending it from more Scorn attacks. It's a fairly simple objective, just make sure you do it fast! With the Mad Bomber dead, now it’s time to reacquaint with a familiar for in Target: The Hangman, the guide for killing whom is on the next page.

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