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Taken out that pesky Pike pilot in Target: The Rider? Your next assignment is Target: The Trickster, the second baron on your list of enemies to avenge for Cayde-6. 

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: The Trickster

Find and kill the courier located by your waypoint. It turns out the Engram he drops is a bomb, so throw it out of your possession before the timer in the bottom left corner gets to zero, at which point it’ll blow up.   

Follow your waypoint to the giant spire-like building, and follow the ramp up to the top, killing Scorn enemies along the way. Watch out for the spinning rotors as you cross into the middle, which will kill you in one touch if you get hit by them.

You’ll find a pile of these same explosive engrams on the floor, and you’ll need to pick them up and throw them at the three fabricators located on the walls around you, provided you time it right so as to avoid those rotors again. You can also chuck the engrams at the attacking scorn surrounding the area, which will instantly destroy anyone within the resulting explosive radius.

Follow your waypoint into the Trickster Baron’s lair nearby. She’ll have rigged ammo and plantation as explosive traps within the cave, so don’t fall for their lure. Instead shoot them from afar to explode them safely. There’ll also be more Scorn in here, including corrupted stalkers and lurkers, so prepare accordingly. Further down the cave, you’ll find another pile of explosive engrams that you can use to defeat the scorn mobs ahead. 

Get to your marker, and you’ll come across the Trickster herself, before she quickly runs away and ambushes you with mobs of enemies, including a miniboss chieftain, who deploys shield totems every now and again to protect himself and nearby allies. Luckily, another pile of engrams are nearby to be used as explosive ammunition, and you’ll also need to grab and throw one at the barricaded door to proceed through to the final area. 

Here will be the boss fight with Araskes. It’s a restricted zone, so no easy respawns, and she’s quite a powerful foe, firing homing discs, booby trapping ammunition, and spawning in lurkers and ravagers at regular intervals. Get too close, and she’ll slam her foot on the ground, which is enough to one hit kill you if you’re not at full health. 

The best strategy is to pick her off from afar, deal with the spawned adds as quickly as possible, and use any explosive engrams dropped by said mobs on the Trickster for high damage. Naturally, save your super for when she spawns in more allies, but you should have her down for good in no time.  

Ha! That shows you Trickster!  So, who's next? Ah yes, it's time to go and pay our visits to the third baron in Forsaken's campaign in Target: The Mad Bomber.

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