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After finally finding Osiris in Beyond Infinity, you’ll need to speak to Ikora at The Tower to begin the next mission and figure out how to stop Panoptes’ machinations.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris - Io: Deep Storage 

Ikora will send you to Io, so transport yourself to The Rupture and get to the mission’s activation flag nearby, which will kick off the level. 

Enter the giant pyramidion cave ahead and step on the circular platform found on the ground before scanning the conflux (the tall holographic block) in front of you, which will open the circular door at the bottom of the slope.

Follow the marker down the cave until you reach a large chamber, at the bottom of which is another door you need to get to, minding the Vex Goblins, Fanatics, and Hobgoblins as you go. 

Work your way through the tight corridors until you reach a warp gate protected by a Hydra boss and some adds. Now would be a good time to use your power ammo or super ability if you have it. 

With them dead, you can jump through the warp gate to reach another part of the pyramidion. You’ll have to dodge through some swirling laser traps from here, which can instantly kill you if you’re not too careful with your timings, but the warp gate beyond that takes you to the mission’s next zone. 

This is a boss fight with a Network Protector. It stays stationary for the whole fight, making it an easy target for heavy artillery, but fires powerful lasers at a steady pace and can spawn in adds like Minotaurs and Hobgoblins. In other words, be ready for a fight, and stay in the air as much as possible to avoid those lasers. 

When it’s dead, you can jump down the hole it was protecting, at the bottom of which is a restricted zone. You’ll have to unlock a conflux again by stepping on the two circular platforms in the ground, but the Vex will be throwing Fanatics and Goblins at you the entire time. 

Try to take out the fanatics when they’re clustered, as this will cause chain reactions for scoring those satisfying multi-kills. Once you’ve stepped on both platforms and killed all the mobs, the hovering cube will be left vulnerable for you to pump lead into it as before, and you can interact with the conflux that appears.

The mission will automatically end from there, and you can move onto the next episode in the campaign, Tree of Probabilities

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Next mission - Mercury: Tree of Probabilities

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