Destiny 2 guide: complete campaign walkthroughs and guides for every corner of the game

The first major Destiny 2 expansion, Curse of Osiris, has finally landed, and that means a whole new story campaign for Guardians to tuck into, featuring eight missions taking place over a series of new and familiar locations. 

The Gateway is the first of these adventures, taking place quite some time after the climactic end level of Destiny 2’s base campaign, Chosen

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris - Mercury: The Gateway  

Open your map and head to Mercury to begin the mission, and once you’re there, Ikora will ask you to find the Vex gateway nearby.

Take the stairs to your right before following the marker straight ahead, and a portal will be right in front of you. You can’t miss it. Head through and you’ll be teleported to a new location. 

Keep following your marker and you’ll eventually run into some Vex Goblins. You should know how to handle these by now - aim for the red light on their head for critical hits and avoid being overrun. Minotaurs will eventually teleport into the fight, but the combat will remain relatively straightforward for the time being.

Move on through till you reach the wide open area with patrolling Hobgoblins in the distance. Don’t waste your ammo on their shields, but wait till they’re vulnerable and you should have them dead in no time. There’ll be Harpies here, too, so watch out for them. 

Take the launch pad in the northwest corner to jump towards the bottom of the lighthouse, and follow your marker towards the giant pyramid-esque building up ahead, killing as many or as few enemies as you like on the way. 

Outside the building is a Hydra boss called Agoros, Gatekeeper. Take out his adds, and keep hitting him between his one eye to cut through his health quickly, using your super ability and heavy ammo if you need to. 

Head towards the large gateway, where a brief discussion will play out before Descendant enemies spawn behind you, who you may remember from the Vault of Glass days in Destiny 1.

Respawning will now be restricted, so play cautiously as you deal with the Descendant Goblins and Descendant Fanatics, who fight more aggressively than their default counterparts. A Minotaur mini boss will also show up at this point, too, so keep an eye out for him. 

Upon defeating everyone, head back towards the lighthouse from where you came, either killing or ignoring the Descendant mobs along the way.

You’ll see a warp gate at the bottom of the lighthouse, but first you’ll have to finish off the Descendant Goblins, Hobgoblins, Harpies in your way, culminating in a boss fight with Methodios, Module Proxy, whose large size makes him a fairly easy target. That said, watch out for his ability to teleport and call in more mobs at any time.  

Once Methodios is defeated, shoot the hovering box above you to open the gate ahead, and you can go on through. 

From there, you’ll find yourself in the lighthouse, where talking to Brother Vance will complete the mission and get you started on A Deadly Trial

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