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1AU leads in directly from the previous mission, Larceny. You’ll have a moment to prepare for the battle ahead, but we’re rapidly approaching the end of Destiny 2’s Red War campaign. So let’s just jump right in, shall we?

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Destiny 2 - The Almighty: 1AU

Level Recommendation: Level 16, Power Rating 170

You don’t have to follow the quest marker far before running into Legionaries and Psions. Take care of them as you platform your way to a set of bridge controls farther down the Almighty’s bulkhead. Once the controls are activated, it’ll swing a chunk of the platform you’re standing on as a makeshift pathway.

Unfortunately, it also summons a Cabal dropship with an irritatingly accurate cannon to fire on you. Cozy up to the cover point on the bridge’s side. As the structure swings, the cover point will move to block the ship’s shots. It won’t protect you from the waves of Cabal that start boarding with you, however. In fact, there’s not much forward-facing cover at all. So feel free to blow a Super ability, or some power ammo to clear a path forward.

The fighting gets more straightforward, and scattered, as you leave the bridge. Finish off any survivors and proceed into the Almighty itself. You won’t be able to miss a huge, holographic globe. Grab a fusion cell off of the floor next to it and continue as ordered - by dumping it into the tube on the other side.

A standard Cabal strike force will appear. Deal with them as usual, using the lengthy battlefield to thin their numbers from a distance. A mini-boss called Purifier Vurst will try to back them up, but he’s awfully fragile. When he’s gone, you’ll be able to dive through the side of the ore tunnel you just fought through.

A handful of standard Cabal troops shouldn’t give you any trouble as you follow your waypoint. What might be a pain is the burning damage you’ll take from the sun when you finally resurface on the Almighty’s exterior again.

Do as your Ghost says; stick to the shadows, nicely contrasted against the bright areas as they are. It can be tricky to tell if you’re really under the shade or not, since the burning damage continues a split second even after you cool off. Check the lighting on your gun for reference, if you get confused.

Duck from cover to cover as you proceed to keep from taking too much burn damage. Enemies will try to harass you as you go, but they’re not immune to burn damage. A mix of kinetic fire and actual fire will melt them very quickly. Just make sure you stop and stand in the shadows to dispatch them.

When you get back inside, you’ll be greeted by the usual collection of melee enemies and Psions. Kill the Bruisers first, use cover to break line of sight with the snipers, then finish them off. You know the drill by now.

Some light platforming is followed in turn by the biggest battle of the mission yet. Luckily, you get to start with the high ground for once. Use it to your advantage if you can. The long, open area you’re in is full of Psions, Incindiors, other standard Cabal, and a rocket launching mini-boss called Bruiser Thurn. Jumping down into the middle of all that is just asking to get surrounded.

Clear the Psions first, since they’re the most accurate at the longest ranges. When you feel like you’ve made enough of a dent, ping away at Thurn. But do it from behind cover. His rockets are easiest to dodge by ducking behind cover.

Your marker will direct you down a psychedelic rock launch. Enjoy the light show as it takes you to the next environment. This one is another vehicle sequence, but nearly as easy as the tank battle from Payback. You’ll ride an Interceptor through Cabal infested tunnels. Your best choice is not to boost, since the floor is splattered with exploding yellow barrels. Interceptors aren’t as robust as the Drake, so just a few explosions will damage it beyond salvaging. Of course, if the vehicle gets damaged, you can always hop off and continue on foot.

The next room is also filled with yellow barrels. Thankfully, it’s open-ended enough that they’re easier to avoid. Do as the game tells you and swing through the area, using the Interceptor’s main gun to destroy the blue turbines. There are enough Cabal to give you trouble, so don’t be shy about thinning them out.

The rest of the mission is fairly on-rails. You’ll be directed to pick up and dunk another fusion core, then run for dear life towards an evac point. It’s more climactic than challenging, so enjoy yourself a good old fashioned Bungie escape sequence! It’s the last thing you’ll do before, well, the last mission in the Red War. Chosen is up next and Ghaul needs to be dealt with...

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