How to find Alkane Dust in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Individual Destiny Alkane Dust spawn points on Titan

Finding the individual spawn-points of Alkane Dust on Titan is also an option. They only offer 1 per go, but the watery moon’s small size means you’ll be bumping into them a lot. Just bear in mind that they don’t always appear in the same place. While their location may seem totally random at first, there’s a logic to it – they always appear within the same hundred-or-so metre radius.

Siren’s Watch

You’ll usually find a few directly below or near the landing zone – to the right or left, more specifically. 

There’s often one behind buildings to the left and against the railings that overlook the distant Hive structure.

There’s almost always a set to the south of Siren’s Watch – they start popping up near or above the Public Event area and continue in an icky breadcrumb trail until you reach the sea.

You’ll occasionally find one on either side of the tank that reads ‘high-pressure’, for instance.

The Rig

Head to the large yellow crane to the left of the landing zone. You’ll probably find some Alkane Dust there or immediately below-decks.

Head to the Rig’s top left area. There’s sometimes Alkane Dust here.

Alkane Dust regularly spawns beside, above, or actually on the platform where the Rig’s Public Event occurs.

Head to the bottom right of the Rig. You’ll find a couple of small domes there and a regular spawn-point for Alkane Dust. They’re usually hidden amongst the walkways or above them on the satellite tower.

Tidal Anchor

Keep going south on the Rig and you’ll wind up in the miserable Hive area of Tidal Anchor. Alkane Dust spawns here, primarily one level below the command centre.


Go east from the Rig and you’ll eventually hit the Solarium. There’s always an Alkane Dust tucked away within the main area. 

Start heading to the Arboretum by going left and you could find more Dust.

Festering Halls

Take a right from the Solarium and you’ll arrive at the Festering Halls. There’s sometimes an Alkane Dust in the entrance hall. 

Failing that, you’ll always find some below in the darker corridors and breeding ground. Unfortunately, there’s no nearby landing zone so you’ll have to walk a fair distance to get there.


Should you wind up in the Arboretum, you’ll find Alkane Dust in the corridors past the entrance.  Much like the Festering Halls, it’s out of the way so coming here to farm can be a bit of a slog.

Push on and you’ll hit a large area with a giant purple screen. Alkane Dust can spawn to the left, middle, and right of this area.

And that’s it – when combined with the other techniques for getting Alkane Dust mentioned above, you should have plenty in short order. Good luck, Guardian!

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