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Denzel Washington ditches Unstoppable

Looks like regular collaborators Tony Scott and Denzel Washington will have to find something else to work on – Washington has decided to leave Scott’s new train thriller Unstoppable.

The film – which would have seen Washington’s veteran engineer and Pine’s fresh-faced conductor trying to stop a loose train filled with toxic chemicals – has recently hit trouble over budget issues.

Despite 20th Century Fox trying to get it on track several times – it’s been through the hands of directors Robert Schewntke and Martin Campbell already – the studio just couldn’t seem to find a cost that worked.

To help slice out the budget, Fox apparently asked both Scott and Washington to cut their fees again – the actor declined.

While the studio will try to keep him interested, Denzel’s let it be known that he’s free to work this autumn.

The film, meanwhile, may end up shutting down altogether, or might actually hit the screen with Scott directing and Pine starring alongside some other, presumably cheaper thesp…

[Source: Variety ]