Del Toro To Bring Monster Manga To HBO

Guillermo del Toro is developing a live-action, TV version of the manga Monster for HBO in the States.

Del Toro is co-writing the pilot with Steven Thompson ( Sherlock , Doctor Who ), which will be based on the 18-volume manga by Naoki Urasawa published between 1994 and 2001. Monster has already been made into a 74-part anime series, which debuted in Japan in 2004. Del Toro is also expected to direct the pilot of the US version.

The story is about ta young doctor’s worldwide search for the most evil sociopath that has ever lived. No, not Peirs Morgan. He’s a 12-year-old boy, whose life the doctor saved, unwittingly unleashing a Pandora’s Box in the process that leaves the doc battling to stop a plot of mass genocide.

The project was originally intended to be a movie for New Line, but the story proved impossible to tell in feature format.

[via Deadline ]

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