Death Stranding PS4 photo mode is out now

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Update, March 31: Death Stranding PS4 photo mode is live now. No need to wait for the PC version to arrive, just make sure you have update 1.12 installed and you can start setting up your shots however you like. Have fun making Sam pull weird faces!

Update, March 25: After a few not-so-subtle teases, Death Stranding PS4 photo mode is officially a thing that's going to happen.

Developer Kojima productions confirmed the new feature, which was first introduced along with the reveal of the Death Stranding PC version, will arrive as an update on PS4. The studio says it's "coming soon", though it's not ready to reveal a specific release date yet.

We'll let you know when we know more.

Original story: Death Stranding PS4 photo mode support is in the cards, but it isn't a sure thing yet.

Fans have been requesting a Death Stranding PS4 photo mode since the game launched, what with all the environments and characters being so ridiculously good looking (as long as you're into The Bionic Woman and Daryl from The Walking Dead). Kojima Productions confirmed that photo mode will be part of the Death Stranding PC version as soon as it launches in June, but it didn't say whether it would also make its way to PS4.

Eager console-based photographers finally got some good news when game director Hideo Kojima shared a quick video walkthrough of how Death Stranding photo mode works on his Twitter account. He added in the message that he "may consider this feature as an update, since there are many requests from Sams in the world."

After sending out that tweet, Hideo Kojima retweeted a fan who said they "can't wait for the next update on PS4 (camera emoji) (camera emoji)". Even if he isn't saying it directly, it sounds like Kojima wants to make Death Stranding PS4 photo mode a reality at some point. Still, it's being positioned as a selling point for the PC version, so PS4 fans may have to wait a while longer for the full-on studio experience with Sam Porter Bridges.

Most of Death Stranding's post-launch updates have squashed bugs or added small quality-of-life improvements (like skipping that BT cut scene). Adding Photo Mode could be the most substantial change longtime players see for the game.

In other Kojima Productions news, we're still waiting to see if anything comes from those alleged Silent Hill teases, or if all this speculation has trapped us in a purgatory of our own making. One that isn't Silent Hill, I mean.

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