Deadpool is "the best picture of the year" according to Betty White

Normally I wouldn't link to a competitor's review for a film, but when it comes to the character Deadpool - a fourth wall-breaking, deranged, sword-wielding smart-ass - "normal" is a luxury. So it is that I present you with possibly the most succinct and sweet review of Twentieth Century Fox's Deadpool, courtesy of American treasure, Betty White.

This might seem like a simple "look at the sweet old lady cursing" joke, but Deadpool's history with The Golden Girls (of which White is the only surviving member of the main cast) actually dates back more than a decade. In the world of Marvel comics, our delightful Merc With A Mouth has quite the fondness for the late Bea Arthur in particular, having named a ship after her and regularly commenting (or fantasizing) about her beauty.

It's a gag that the Deadpool marketing team honored when The Golden Girls celebrated 30 years, with knitted miniatures of Deadpool and the girls sitting down for a nice tea…

Which then escalated into Deadpool and three of the four seniors snuggled up in bed.

And if for some reason White's "four Golden Girls" review isn't enough information for you, we have our own, decidedly more in-depth review over here. Now go and enjoy the chimichanga we call life.

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