DC has two chapters planned that will last 10 years

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James Gunn and Peter Safran may have only just announced the 10 projects lined up for DCU Chapter One, but that's not the extent of what the new CEOs have in store for the studio. The twosome, who took the reins of the superhero franchise in 2022, say they've also mapped Chapter Two already, and that the two parts could span up to a decade.

During the press event for DC Studios' first reveal under Gunn and Safran, the former explained (via ComicBook.com): "The eight to 10 year plan is two chapters and there's an ending to our basic story that we tell there, but it's not the ending of the universe. So now, will Peter and I be here beyond that time?"

As it stands, Gunn's contract with DC Studios covers four years, which might mean the filmmaker has moved on by the time Chapter Two kicks off. When asked whether they'd be interested in sticking around longer, though, Safran replied: "For sure."

The producer added: "I'm already tired. I'm already tired. It's been two months. But there is those first two chapters are worked out and then it can keep going after that."

Before he and Safran officially get to work on DCU Chapter One, Gunn is set to release Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the third and final film in the Marvel franchise. "This is the big one," Gunn previously told EW of the sequel. "This is where things really happen. This is where we get to know the truth about who these characters are, and we face the biggest stakes."

For more, check out what else DC has in store, like an Amanda Waller TV series and a new Superman: Legacy movie, and separate, DC Elseworlds titles such as The Batman 2.

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