Days Gone drug stash - give it to Tucker or Copeland?

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You'll have to decide who to give the the Days Gone drug stash to, Tucker or Copeland, early in the game. It's can get confusing because while you can get the drug stash at a certain point in the game you can't do anything with it until you progress a little further into the story. The game doesn't do a great job of explaining this, which can be weird if you try to take the Days Gone Drug stash back early and can't give it to anyone. It's also unclear what you get for making the choice, so if you're wondering what to do with the Days Gone drug stash, and whether to give it to Tucker or Copeland, then we have the answer here.

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Should you give the Days Gone drug stash to Tucker or Copeland?

Ada Tucker is the woman in charge of the Hot Springs camp in Belknap, while Mark Copeland runs his camp in Cascades. Early on in the game when you recover the Days Gone drug stash, you're presented with an option: Give the drug stash to Tucker, or give it to Copeland.

The results of this choice are actually somewhat insignificant, despite how the choice may be portrayed. The story doesn't get altered whatsoever; giving the Days Gone drug stash to Tucker will simply boost you to the first level of trust so you have access to the first level of guns at the merchant. On the other hand, if you give the drug stash to Copeland, you'll be able to purchase the first level of bike upgrades available with Manny the mechanic.

That's it. It's used essentially as an introduction to the trust mechanic, which you can continue to improve anyway as you play by completing each camps' missions. You can also choose where to send survivors you find in the wilderness. In those cases the rewards for each are clearly displayed.

So, it's really up to you: depending on whether you want to buy guns, or improve your bike earlier in the story - eventually you can progress both camps to the maximum trust level anyway by completing different missions, so this isn't really a permanent, game changing choice. Just something that lets you access one thing or another first. So don't dwell too much on the decision.

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