Batman Begins writer to script the Godzilla reboot


Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer has been hired by Legendary Pictures to script the Godzilla reboot.

The busy screenwriter, who most recently fleshed out the stories of The Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel , will work from a previous draft of the Godzilla script by David Callaham.

There’s no doubt that Goyer will bring a wealth of experience to the project, but he’s had just as many hits as he’s had misses.

Those misses include the interminable likes of Blade: Trinit y, The Unborn (both of which he directed) and Jumper .

When he’s working in league with a decent director, though, Goyer generally comes up trumps (see Blade II , Dark City , Nolan’s Bat films).

This time he's working with Gareth Edwards, who proved with his directorial debut (and TF favourite) Monsters that he can pretty much pluck a story out of the air and do it justice with mean, moody visuals.

Let’s see how this one plays out.

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