Dauntless Gems: How to get every type of Gem in Dauntless, including Elemental Tailgems

Dauntless Gems

If you're on the hunt for some Dauntless Gems, you've come to the right place. From details on how to do a Dauntless Elemental Tailgem farm to everything else you could possibly want to know about Gems in Dauntless, we've got it all. If you've reached the stage where you need to get some Dauntless Elemental Tailgems, then you've likely become accustomed to the mechanics of the game, which is required to understand how to get Dauntless Gems like the Elemental Tailgem.

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Dauntless Gems: How to get the Elemental Tailgem and more

Dauntless Gems

The Dauntless Elemental Tailgem is the most popular Gem players hunt for in the game, but we've got the low down on how to acquire all the types of Gems right here. Note: To acquire all types of Gem - Tailgem, Skullgem, and Clawgem - you must fight a Behemoth at threat level eight or above.

First up, Tailgems. For Neutral Tailgems, you need to be fighting a Neutral Behemoth, while Elemental Tailgems require you to take on an Elemental Behemoth. Simple, right? Not quite. To get the Neutral or Elemental Tailgem, you need to destroy the tail within two minutes of engaging in combat. That's not easy at all, so you're going to want to have a full squad with the right elemental advantages, all focusing on the tail. That's the only way to get Neutral or Elemental Tailgems.

For Skullgems and Clawgems, the concept is the same. Fight either Neutral or Elemental Behemoths depending on which type you need, then destroy the head in under two minutes for a Skullgem, or the hands/paws/claws etc. for a Clawgem. Don't forget that to get any of these Gems, you need to be fighting Behemoths at threat level eight or more. Some good examples of Behemoths to fight are Rockfall Skarn and Firebrand Charrogg.

That's all there is to it! Get a squad together and farm the same Behemoth a few times until you've got a bunch of Elemental Tailgems, then get to upgrading your gear. If you're struggling, try levelling up further against other Behemoths then going back to the Gem grind.

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