Dauntless orbs: How to get orbs in Dauntless

dauntless orbs

Dauntless orbs are absolutely necessary to upgrade your weapons and armor, but there's a number of different types to look for. The basic Dauntless orbs are neutral, blaze, frost, shock, and terra, but then later down the line there's also umbral and radiant orbs. If you're wondering how to get orbs in Dauntless then don't worry, because you're not alone and we've got the answer. Here's everything you need to know about how to get orbs in Dauntless with our Dauntless orb farming guide.

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How to get orbs in Dauntless

How to get orbs in Dauntless

Dauntless introduces mechanics gradually at the start of the game, as you get sent out on hunts and have various quests to complete. You're shown early on how to upgrade weapons with Wils Bormen, the weaponsmith, but there's a good chance you don't have enough orbs to upgrade your gear. Whether you're looking for blaze orbs, frost orbs, or one of the other types of Dauntless orbs, it's impossible to have a big stack of them early on.

What you need to do is essentially not worry about how to get orbs in Dauntless until you reach slayer level four. This is around the time you'll speak to Arkan Drew, craft a new lantern depending on whether you killed the Shrike or the Skarn, then you'll speak to Janek Zai. Janek will unlock patrols for you, which are different from pursuits.

How to get orbs in Dauntless

While pursuits have you hunting for a specific behemoth, patrols are a hunt for a random behemoth of the element you choose, and every single patrol guarantees orbs in return. If you've bought the Elite Hunt Pass, there's a daily patrol bonus which rewards you with 10 extra orbs from the first few patrols you do that day, and you're always certain to get another 10 from slaying the behemoth, plus any extras you earn during the fight. This means that some patrols can return upwards of 25 orbs. Simply do a patrol relevant to the orb you want to acquire, and you'll very quickly have so many orbs you won't know what to do with them all. Happy hunting, slayer!

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