Dauntless Scales: How to get every type of Scale in Dauntless

Dauntless Rockfall Skarn
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Whether you're after a Furious Rage Scale, Scorch Scale, Psionic Scale or any of the other Dauntless Scales, you've come to the right place. Scales in Dauntless are used alongside Arcstones and Orbs to upgrade your weapons and armor, so they're a crucial resource to farm if you want to reach the endgame of Dauntless. No matter which Scale you're after, here's a complete guide on how to get Dauntless Scales.

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How to get Scales in Dauntless

There's a lot of different Scales to find in Dauntless, and each one has a different method used to acquire it. You need to take on a variety of different behemoths, and for some of them you need to simply kill it, while others require you to destroy different parts. Here's how to get all the Scales, from the Dauntless Furious Rage Scale to the Dauntless Scorch Scale.

Dauntless Furious Rage Scale

Dauntless Furious Rage Scale - Ragetail Gnasher

One of the most popular Scales in Dauntless is the Furious Rage Scale, which you need for some vital upgrades with Gnasher gear. Unfortunately, it's a rare drop from the Ragetail Gnasher, but you only have to kill it to try and obtain one, not focus on a specific part. It might take a few Ragetail Gnasher hunts to obtain a Furious Rage Scale, so keep at it if you don't get lucky straight away. You might even get a Ragesoul Shard on Heroic difficulty.

Dauntless Scorch Scale

The Scorch Scale is used to craft Hellion gear so as you'd expect, you need to slay a Scorchstone Hellion to get your hands on one. It's another rare drop but again, there's no specific parts you need to target. If you're fighting a Heroic version, there's also a chance of obtaining a Hellstone Shard.

Dauntless Thundering Scale

Dauntless Thundering Scale - Drask

The Thundering Scale follows the same pattern in Dauntless. You have to kill a Drask for this one, which is significantly easier than some of the other behemoths mentioned, so the Thundering Scale can be easier to farm. Heroic Drask fights can also drop Thundersoul Shards when you reach higher levels.

Dauntless Psionic Scale

For the Psionic Scale, you need to kill a Dreadfrost Boreus, which is the third tier of Boreus you'll come across in the game. These frost behemoths are weak to fire, and when fighting a Heroic Dreadfrost Boreus, you can also grab a Dreadfrost Shard if you're lucky.

Dauntless Adamantine Scale

Dauntless Adamantine Scale - Rockfall Skarn

Adamantine Scales can only be acquired from Rockfall Skarns, which are exclusive to The Maelstrom region of the game, which is essentially the endgame. These tough behemoths have a number of rare drops, and you can get Adamantine Scales from slaying them completely.

Dauntless Icy Frostback Scale

If you're searching for Icy Frostback Scales, then you need to start hunting Frostback Pangars. These huge icy behemoths are incredibly tough, so make sure you're stacked up with fire weaponry and like the Rockfall Skarn, there's plenty of rare drops to acquire alongside Icy Frostback Scales.

Here's a complete list of all Dauntless Scales and how to acquire them:

  • Adamantine Scale: Kill a Rockfall Skarn
  • Brow Scale: Break the head of any Skarn
  • Burned Hind Scale: Break the leg of any Hellion
  • Charrogg Scale: Kill a Charrogg or Firebrand Charrogg
  • Electro Scale: Break the tail of a Drask
  • Frosty Scale: Break both legs of a Pangar
  • Furious Rage Scale: Kill a Ragetail Gnasher
  • icy Frostback Scale: Kill a Frostback Pangar
  • Icy Hind Scale: Break the tail of a Boreus or Lesser Boreus
  • Jagged Spark Scale: Break the leg of a Drask or Lesser Drask
  • Pangar Scale: Kill any Pangar
  • Psionic Scale: Kill a Dreadfrost Boreus
  • Rock Scale: Kill any Skarn
  • Scorch Scale: Kill a Scorchstone Hellion
  • Smoldering Firebrand Scale: Kill a Firebrand Charrogg
  • Thorn Scale: Break the head of a Koshai
  • Thundering Scale: Kill a Drask
  • Volt Scale: Break both the front legs of a Stormclaw
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