Dauntless Arcstones: How to get Dull, Shining, and Peerless Arcstones in Dauntless

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Once you've sunk a good few hours into the game, you'll stumble across Dauntless Dull Arcstones, Shining Arcstones, and eventually Peerless Arcstones. These three types of Arcstone in Dauntless are used to upgrade weapons further towards the endgame, because you can only reach +5 and a power of 300 without Arcstones. If you're wondering how to get Arcstones in Dauntless, whether it's the Dauntless Dull Arcstone, Dauntless Shining Arcstone, or Dauntless Peer Arcstone, read on because we've got everything you need to know.

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Dauntless Dull Arcstone

Dauntless Dull Arcstone

Dull Arcstone is the first Arcstone you'll need to acquire on your Dauntless journey, and it's required to upgrade any of your weapons and armor further than +5. But how do you get Dull Arcstones in Dauntless?

Simply put, you have to unlock behemoths with a threat level of 8-12, or complete Dire Patrols. If these aren't available to you yet, continue playing through your available quests until they unlock. They open up shortly after you slay a Drask, Hellion, and Pangar for the quests like Skullcracker Science, Heralds of the Storm, and Hot Shots and Cold Feats.

You'll still need orbs along with Dull Arcstones to upgrade items beyond +5, but Dire Patrols won't reward you with any orbs so you'll need to grind out the lower level Patrols to ensure you have enough.

Dauntless Shining Arcstone

When you've become accustomed to Dull Arcstones and you've upgraded your equipment even further, strap yourself in because now you need to start grinding for Dauntless Shining Arcstones. The concept is the same; they help you increase the power of your stuff, but eventually the Dull Arcstones won't be enough and you need the more powerful Shining Arcstones.

To obtain Shining Arcstones, you need to kiss goodbye to the Dire Patrols and start tackling Heroic Patrols. These are around threat level 13-16, so I guess you could say they're quite tough. Wait until you hear about Peerless Arcstones though...

Dauntless Peerless Arcstone

Dauntless Peerless Arcstone - Rezakiri

Image credit: PlayDauntless.com

Peerless Arcstones are the third and final tier of Arcstones in Dauntless, and when you're collecting these bad boys, you know you're near the endgame. You need Peerless Arcstones to upgrade your gear to the highest level, and they're only available through Heroic+ Patrols.

Heroic+ Patrols are guaranteed to reward you with 10 Peerless Arcstones, and there's just three behemoths possible to find in them: Rezakiri, Shrowd, or Koshai. These are some of the toughest behemoths in the game so you'll need to prepare for these fights, but the rewards are more than worth it.

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