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Watch Dark Souls' toughest boss beaten with agonizingly slow voice commands

Finishing Dark Souls is quite a feat all by itself. Defeating its notoriously difficult bosses requires careful memorization and split-second reactions. Doing it all with voice controls that impose a second or more of delay and imprecise movements… that's something else.

But fearless Dark Souls challenge runner Benjamin "bearzly" Gwin did it, and the last few minutes before his greatest victory, voice faltering as he deadpans "strafe left, heavy, backwards," are as unbelievable as you might expect. And yes, this is the guy that also beat Dark Souls using Donkey Konga bongos.

Don't feel too terribly outclassed, at least in terms of skill. The below recording is the 112th time Gwin attempted the Ornstein and Smough boss fight using voice controls. The last 111 attempts didn't go nearly so well, which accounted for nearly a quarter of the 485 deaths he racked up in his 30 hour long suicide mission. So yeah, we're probably talking 90 percent patience and 10 percent (incredible) skill.

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