Daily NewsRadar: Solo: A Star Wars Story's latest addition, Xbox sneakers, a new Swery game and more

Prepare for your weekend the right way with a piping hot bowl of today's news, seasoned with a smile and just a dash of hot sauce.

There's some Jon Favreau in your Han Solo soup 

According to a tweet by Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard, Spider-Man: Homecoming  star and Iron Man director Favreau has a major role to play in the new Star Wars movie.

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At least your GTA Online San Andreas taxes are easy 

Log into GTA Online between today and February 26 and get at $250,000 in GTA cash. It's a good time to spend it too, with a 10% rebate on every dollar spent. "Tax season is upon us and with 2017's population growth, the San Andreas Treasury Department is happy to report a new stimulus for all citizens - hustlers, triggers, shot callers and kingpins alike." 

Your Xbox One X and Air Jordan sneakers had babies 

Microsoft has created three custom Xbox One X consoles inspired by three upcoming Air Jordan III releases, the Free Throw Line, the Black Cement and the Tinker. If you love electronics that match your shoes, you can enter to win one of the special consoles on the Xbox Twitter account.  

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Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro wants you to go missing

The eccentric developer of Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die has started his weekend with a tease for his next game, The Missing. Never one to disappoint, he does the whole pitch holding a cuddly monkey. Because of course he does. 

Last chance for the PC Gamer Weekender

Tomorrow is the PC Gamer Weekender in London, a massive event for all things mouse, keyboard and intimidating graphic card specs related. You can still save 20% on tickets with the code GR20, but if you can't make it or are geographically challenged, you can still tune into the livestream. It's hosted by our very own Zoe Delahunty-Light and will have a great mix of live playthroughs, new footage and Q&As. Go to the official Twitch channel to see it all. 

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