Daily NewsRadar: Killer7 lives on, Far Cry 5 mini-movie, Noctis in a Sims llama suit

Wednesday isn't just your favorite member of the Addams family, it's also a day packed full of news. We've stripped away the nonsense to bring you everything you need to know.  

Let It Die reincarnates cult classic Killer7 

Grasshopper Manufacture is mixing its old Killer7 magic with its free-to-play PS4 game Let It Die. We don't know much about the collaboration just yet, but we can expect it to happen later this spring (and we'd crawl over broken glass for more Harman Smith action). 

Far Cry 5's live-action trailer deserves an HBO series 

Live-action trailers don't always work, but this latest one for Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 is giving us the True Detective, 'give me a mini-series' feels. Now to go back into cryosleep until the actual game is out on March 27.  

From the people that brought you Conan Exiles' wangs...

Funcom is publishing a new game, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, and it'll hopefully receive less genitalia-focused coverage than Conan. A tactical adventure game, it's being being made by Hitman and Payday developers and will be released later this year for PC. 

Want to dress Final Fantasy 15's Noctis in a Sims llama suit? 

If the answer is yes, seek help. If that fails, you can grab a copy of the Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition on Origin and get Sims special costumes to use in the game. It'll be included with all purchases of Final Fantasy 15 on Origin until May 1. It goes both ways, too: you'll also be able to access "Noctis’ signature Prince’s Fatigues" in Sims 4 soon.  

Wreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet trailer is unrealistically porn free 

There's a new trailer for Disney's upcoming sequel out, and while we can't wait to spot more game references and hang out with Vanellope, there's no denying that this movie's internet looks way nicer than the real one. 

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Rachel Weber
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