Daily NewsRadar: God of War 4K, Far Cry 5's bigfoot mystery, where to find Xur and more

The last thing you need on a Friday afternoon is to wade through a load of useless news, so we've braved the premature April Fools pranks to bring only the most essential snippets. 

4K or not, Kratos will look divine 

Not everyone can afford the upgrade to a 4K gaming TV, but you'll be able to appreciate the way the light dances across Kratos' pecs anyway, according to a tweet from God of War game director Cory Barlog. 

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Do you believe in Bigfoot?  

Some people are in Far Cry 5 for the fishing, some just want to grenade the god botherers, but PC Gamer has a theory that there might be something lurking in the Montana woods. Something other than wolverines that want to eat your face. There's a prepper mission called 'Gone Squatchin,' and considering the game has already gone a bit X-Files with a bit of UFO mischief, a Sasquatch seems too much fun for the development team to resist.  

The Walking Dead's Clementine is all grown up 

Art for Telltale's final season of The Walking Dead shows a very different Clementine from the little girl we first shepherded through a zombie infested world. NO, YOU'RE CRYING.  

Life is Strange: Paper Edition 

Titan Comics is taking on another game adaptation, this time based on the teen angst hit that stole our hearts and infected our Spotify playlists. "Launching with a four-part miniseries in 2018, Titan Comics' Life Is Strange returns readers to the setting of Arcadia Bay, offering fans the opportunity to dive back into the story of its beloved characters," says Titan. 

Where is Xur? 

This week, everyone's favorite Destiny 2 salesman is hanging out in the Hangar at the Tower. Get to the Dead Orbit faction, give the space goths a wave, and then go north. Right now he's hawking the DARCI exotic sniper rifle, The Dragon’s Shadow chest armor, Mk. 44 Stand Asides leg armor, and the Nezarec’s Sin helmet.  

Even more news:  

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