The best Cycle Frontier weapons to take on a mission

cycle frontier guns
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Looking for the best weapons in The Cycle Frontier? With 26 weapons in total, there’s plenty of choice. However, guns cost K-Marks and we’re only allowed to bring two of them with us on a mission. In other words, we have to be picky. 

In this guide, we’ll judge the Cycle Frontier weapons based on their base stats, gameplay, and in-game cost. As some of you might be looking for Legendaries while others are still at the starter weapons stage, we’ll take a look at the best Common weapons, mid-tier weapons, and Legendary weapons separately.

Best Cycle Frontier starter weapons 

cycle frontier guns

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The best Cycle Frontier starter weapons are the ‘common’ rarity, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good. In fact, many players like to use Common rarity weapons because it causes less frustration when you lose them. For K-mark cost alone, we place these guns in S-Tier!

While the common guns don’t deal the same amount of damage as mid-tier weapons, you’ll be fine with the sniper rifle plus either the SMG or AR. Unless you want to save money, best to leave the pistol and shotgun at the station. 

C-32 Bolt Action: Sniper, Common

This is a really, really great starter weapon, no matter your rank. The reason? It’s a sniper rifle, which in itself is extremely handy for PvP combat. With this weapon, you can take down your first opponents without having to upgrade your gear first. Do keep in mind that you can’t get an instant kill from headshots if the target wears an Uncommon (or higher) helmet. 

S-576 PDW: SMG, Common

If there’s one gun that’s suitable for any starter loadout, it’s the PDW. As long as you don’t allow too much distance between you and your targets, this fast and accurate SMG will do the job. Not that it matters a lot at the start of your journey in The Cycle Frontier, but the PDW is also a little less expensive compared to the AR-55. 

AR-55: AR, Common

Let’s have a look at the PDW’s rival, the AR-55. Although most players seem to find the PDW more accurate, there are some reasons to go for the AR-55: it has more range, shorter reload time, and your magazine will last longer. Our advice? Try them out on a bunch of Striders before deciding which one’s the best.

Best mid-tier Cycle Frontier weapons

cycle frontier guns

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Once you’ve completed your first few missions, you’re ready to buy better weapons from the three Faction shops. Here’s a selection of the very best Cycle Frontier weapons with Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Exotic quality. Better get on good terms with the ICA!

Manticore: AR, Uncommon, Osiris Faction

The Manticore is one of the fan-favourites, but you may be wondering why. Isn’t it similar to the AR-55? In terms of damage, magazine size, and rate of fire; yes. However, the Manticore has a lot less recoil and much better penetration. It’s somewhat slower, but that also makes missing your target more forgiving, as it gives you some time to adjust your aim. If you have the resources, it’s an easier and slightly better weapon than the AR-55.

ICA Guarantee: LMG, Rare, ICA Faction

This surprisingly affordable weapon feels a bit like an assault rifle, but it has a much higher rate of fire. The penetration is less strong, but still very good for a lower-mid tier weapon. It’s pretty great that you only need to be level seven in ICA to unlock it. Another big plus; it comes with a magazine of 40, the largest in the game, which makes up for the four-second reload time. The downside? Movement speed is quite slow. But that’s it, really. 

PKR Maelstrom: Shotgun, Rare, Korolev Faction

This shotgun isn’t usually considered a great weapon because of the large spread, but here’s why it still deserves a spot on this list: it’s the best option for shotgun fans, and it’s a great help if you aren’t that great at close quarters, fast-paced combat. If an enemy appears right in front of you, the spread isn’t a problem, and neither is your aim. The Maelstrom is fast for shotgun standards, and comes with a generous default magazine size of eight.

Voltaic Brute: SMG, Exotic, ICA Faction

Thanks to its high rate of fire and strong penetration, the Voltaic Brute is a powerful weapon for close- to mid-range combat. It also comes with a decent magazine size of 25 and a medium reload time of 2.5 seconds. The Voltaic Brute has received some nerfs during beta testing (less damage, more recoil), but it’s still one of the best weapons to spend your K-Marks on.

Kinetic Arbiter: Sniper, Exotic, ICA Faction

If you’re looking for the best way to take down other players before they even notice you, the Kinetic Arbiter is the way to go. This sniper rifle is very expensive (only surpassed by Legendaries) but still a lot cheaper than the KARMA-1, and almost as good. Depending on armour, you should be able to take down most players in one or two shots. The downsides? The reload time is more than five seconds, and it has quite a lot of bullet drop.

Best Legendary Cycle Frontier weapons 

cycle frontier guns

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Let’s not beat around the bush here; every Legendary weapon in The Cycle Frontier is an absolute beast. However, Legendaries also cost way more K-Marks (and other resources) compared to other weapons. They would top most Cycle Frontier tier lists when judged by performance, but rank a lot lower when considering the cost. If you’re willing to do the necessary grinding though, here’s what you’ll get:

Zeus Beam: LMG, Legendary

Possibly the best weapon in The Cycle Frontier, and actually the least expensive of the three Legendary weapons. The Zeus Beam is incredibly fast and comes with a high base penetration. You’re basically laser-zapping your opponents from afar. Still, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth getting the Zeus Beam when there are much cheaper alternatives.  

KOMRAD: Launcher, Legendary

Another unique and incredibly fun weapon to use. Naturally, the KOMRAD is a slow and heavy gun, but it also deals great damage. Since it’s a launcher, you will still deal damage even if the missile lands next to your target. Don’t overestimate it though; the area of impact doesn’t seem to be more than two or three diameter. Another plus; the default KOMRAD has a magazine of six, which should be enough to rain down doom upon your enemies.

KARMA-1: Sniper, Legendary

The KARMA-1 can be great… in the right hands. Although this sniper rifle deals very high damage and has a high refire rate, it also comes with a slight delay, a lot of bullet drop, and a magazine size of only two. If you have the resources and you’re confident that you can handle this gun, go for it. If not… You’re better off with a slightly less powerful, but cheaper weapon.

And that wraps up our The Cycle Frontier best weapons guide. Best of luck with the grinding, Prospector!

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