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Cyber Monday iPad deals 2021: everything we expect to see in November

Cyber Monday iPad deals 2021
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Cyber Monday iPad deals are some of the most competitive on the shelves, even after the full fun of Black Friday is over. If you're considering picking up a new tablet in 2021's sales, then, it's worth arming yourself with all the latest price predictions and news to make sure you get the best discount for you on the day. That's why we're rounding up all our expectations for this year's Cyber Monday iPad deals right here, from when the best time to head to checkout will be to the kinds of savings you can expect in 2021. 

Even if you miss out on the year's biggest sale day, Cyber Monday iPad deals can still offer up some excellent discounts. While blockbuster price drops may be all run out of allocated stock by the time the weekend is up, we regularly see some of the best prices of the year rolling through to the next week. All isn't lost if you blank on Black Friday iPad deals, then, there will still be plenty of savings up for grabs. 

This year we're looking forward to some particularly strong price drops as well, with the iPad Air and Pro lines primed for some hefty savings and the new 9th generation iPad and Mini 6 already seeing early price drops. 

We wouldn’t recommend waiting for Cyber Monday iPad deals. In all likelihood, the Friday is where the best discounts are going to be found. However, we would suggest keeping a close eye on prices throughout the weekend and into the week after the main event. We sometimes see retailers offering up slightly larger discounts in efforts to shift models in unpopular colors during this time. If you’re after the best price possible it’s worth keeping your original purchase in the box until these offers are over. 

You'll find everything you need to know about this year's Cyber Monday iPad deals just below, but keep this page bookmarked because we'll be bringing you all the strongest savings right here on the day itself. 

When will Cyber Monday iPad deals begin?

Cyber Monday iPad deals will officially kick off on Monday November 29 this year, with retailers generally continuing their sales from the Friday into the weekend before rebranding late on Sunday. We see discounts dropping from the start of Thanksgiving week, which means those after any savings should be watching those prices from November 22 onwards. However, iPad deals are generally reserved for the main event due to their popularity.  

Where will you find the best Cyber Monday iPad deals in 2021?

We'll be bringing you all the best Cyber Monday iPad deals right here, but if you're going it alone we'd recommend you start your search at these retailers. 

Amazon: often one of the first to discount newer models
Best Buy: bundle deals with subscriptions sometimes available
B&H Photo: find cheap older devices and renewed tablets
Newegg: generally better for much older devices
Walmart: often matches Amazon's record low prices

Amazon: regularly has the best prices on the latest generation
Argos: same day delivery and regular bundle deals available
Currys: free subscriptions and software often included in bundles
Ebuyer: best for rare discounts on larger Pro models
John Lewis: often offers trade-in discounts and has the best warranties Laptops Direct: record low prices but with extra shipping charges
Very: stock often holds on longer with price matched deals

Cyber Monday iPad deals: what to expect

iPad 2021

(Image credit: Future)
  • Price prediction: $299 (usually $329)

The new 9th generation iPad has already seen some excellent price cuts ahead of Cyber Monday iPad deals, with a $299 sales price popping up a couple of times in the few weeks since its release. That's particularly impressive considering it took months for the previous model to reach this position, and never dropped any further after that. 

However, we do expect to merely see a return of this offer in this year's Cyber Monday iPad deals. There simply isn't likely room to discount the entry level model any further, as evidenced by the previous iteration's price history. However, considering we're seeing so many early offers it might be worth keeping a particularly close eye on this one. 

Cyber Monday iPad Air deals: what to expect

iPad Air 4

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  • Price prediction: $499 (usually $529 - $579)

The iPad Air 4 may see the best value discounts overall this year. It will have a year on the shelves under its belt by the time Cyber Monday iPad deals roll around, and its power under the hood is under threat from the new A15 Bionic chip inside the Mini 6. Being unable to compete with the guts of a cheaper model is a difficult pill to swallow, which means we’ll likely see costs drop far below the $499 record lows we’ve come to celebrate through 2021. 

Cyber Monday iPad Pro deals: what to expect

iPad Pro 2021

(Image credit: Future)
  • Price prediction: 11-inch at $699.99 (usually $799) | 12.9-inch at $949 (usually $999)

We’ll also likely see the iPad Pro, our number one pick for the best gaming tablet, play a large role in 2021’s Cyber Monday iPad deals as well. Sitting on the shelves since May, these M1 devices have taken far earlier price drops than their predecessors did. So far, we’ve seen as much as $100 off the price of the cheapest model, which means we may see the 11-inch drop down as far as $699.99 once again or, if we’re lucky, $649.99 - though that price will likely be reserved for Friday. 

The 12.9-inch model, meanwhile, has been stuck at $999.99 for a few months now, with $100 off its $1,099 MSRP. That means we may well see an even bigger price drop come November, potentially down to $899 or $949. We would expect the former price to hit during Friday’s proceedings, if we do see such a large discount, potentially running back up to $949 for Cyber Monday iPad deals. 

Cyber Monday iPad Mini deals: what to expect

iPad Mini 6

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  • Price prediction: very few discounts, $479 at best (usually $499)

The iPad Mini 6, on the other hand, might be a little more stubborn than other models. The previous version was released in 2019 and even over the course of this year refused to waver from a $349 price. The new $499 starting cost may mean more wiggle room, but the fact that this device packs Apple’s latest chipset, and some considerable upgrades, means that we’d be surprised to see more than $10 or $20 off.

Should you wait for Cyber Monday iPad deals?

Cyber Monday iPad deals aren't going to be the best offers on the shelves in November, but they will likely be better than the vast majority of discounts we'll see. Black Friday is going to be the day to pick up a blockbuster flash sale price on one of the newer iPad models, and we're expecting some of the lowest prices of the year to pop up here. 

That means we wouldn't recommend holding off through the events of Friday to pick up Cyber Monday iPad deals over the weekend or in the week afterwards. In all likelihood, prices will rise once the fervour of the holiday sale is over and done with. That said, we won't see those costs go all the way back up to MSRP right away. We'll likely still see some excellent offers running all the way through to Cyber Monday which means anyone who misses out on the main sale should still be in with a shot of a saving (stock permitting). 

If you're going after a particularly unpopular colorway, for example on the iPad Mini or Air, it might be worth keeping anything you pick up on the Friday in its box. The only additional discounts we'll likely see in Cyber Monday iPad deals will be on colorways that haven't performed as well as retailers would have hoped, so there is a chance for an extra saving here. 

How to find the best Cyber Monday iPad deals

Cyber Monday iPad deals are big business, and even though the excitement of the previous Friday will have been and gone, the best offers can still sell out particularly quickly. That means you'll need a game plan going into this year's sales. 

We've been tracking these offers for years now, and have picked up a few handy tips and tricks along the way. 

1. Know how to spot a good deal 

You'll want to start preparing for the race to checkout before Cyber Monday iPad deals even kick off. That means watching out for any discounts that take place between now and the main sale, and keeping track of the prices on offer. Having a good idea of how much previous sales have shaved off these MSRPs will help you spot a deal that well and truly is worth your time when the heat is on in November. 

2. Get there early

Whether you're after Friday's offers, or holding out for later sales, we'd recommend getting into the discounts as early as possible. Retailers tend to launch new offers throughout the day, but you never know when the biggest price cuts are going to land. More high profile devices like the iPad are usually reserved for flash sales, which means you'll need to be in the right place at the right time and that may well be right at the start of the event. 

3. Price check 

Once you've found your perfect deal, be sure to price check against other retailers. Often a record discount won't necessarily be beaten by another store (though it can happen), but rather price matched with additional value baked in in the form of free gifts or subscriptions. This happens all the time in Cyber Monday iPad deals, with retailers like Best Buy in the US and Currys in the UK often packaging free Apple subscriptions in with their discounts to gain an edge over the competition.  

4. Stay in touch 

We'll be rounding up all the best Cyber Monday iPad deals right here, so bookmark this page and jump back in when the sales start rolling in. We'll be scouring the web for the highest quality discounts so that you can sit back and swoop in on the savings that really are worthy of your attention.

Today's best deals

Cyber Monday iPad deals

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If you can't quite wait for this year's Cyber Monday iPad deals, you'll find all the lowest prices available now just below. 

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