Cuphead on Nintendo Switch confirmed and it will get Xbox Live support after launch

Update: On top of the new platform, Cuphead will also get single-player character select, fully animated cinematics, more character animations, and a bunch of new language localizations in a free update for all players. You can look forward to that arriving on April 18, the same day Cuphead hits switch.

Original story: Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 18, a year and a half after it debuted on Xbox One and PC. The side-scrolling action game with old-school animation vibes and retro gaming challenge is available for pre-order on the eShop right now, thanks to an emerging collaborative relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft.

StudioMDHR are an independent studio but Cuphead was published by Microsoft, which makes its appearance on a non-Microsoft console a big deal. Microsoft also confirmed that the Switch version will get support for some Xbox Live features in a post-launch update. Tech developments aside, Cuphead was one of the best games of 2017 and it deserves to appear on as many platforms as possible.

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The brief reveal teaser for Cuphead on Switch came at the start of the Nintendo Switch Nindies Spring 2019 showcase. It doesn't look like there's any special new content for the Switch version, but getting to take along Cuphead and Mugman for some tough platforming action wherever you go sounds plenty worthwhile on its own. Speaking of Mugman, you'll even be able to pop off the Joy-Cons for two-player co-op. Playing the whole game with the analog stick in the middle of your controller would add a punishing new challenge of its own…

The Cuphead reveal was just the start of the Nindies showcase; there were also more reveals of upcoming games like a Switch port of the Stranger Things season 3 tie-in and a Legend of Zelda/Crypt of the NecroDancer crossover called Cadence of Hyrule. It's a good time for nindependent gaming.

Switch doesn't just have a bright indie future - check out all the best upcoming Switch games for 2019. Then see one of them for yourself in our video preview of Yoshi's Crafted World below.

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