Crossovers that need to happen!

Above: Your wet dreams are becoming wet realities

Because crossovers ain’t just for fighting games anymore, and nobody knows that better than Capcom. Illogical though it may seem to have Albert Wesker fighting alongside Marcus Fenix in Lost Planet 2, it’s undeniably appealing to everybody but the stick-in-the-mud fanboy minority. Hell, we think it needs to become common practice! We love to see our favorite heroes occupying the same universe, and judging by how readers responded to the question “What two series would you love to see cross over?” you do too.

Above: You ask “Why?” But GR user grabboids asks “Why the f**k not?!”

Your suggestions melted our cold, journalistic hearts. Not only are we proud to present them to the world, we even went as far as to have our art team whip up the submissions from those devoid of artistic ability.

CharlieFerret said:
“A Super Smash Brothers style game called ‘Late Night Wars’:
-Jay "The Chin" Leno: Press down+B to screw over the player most threatening your chance to win the fight.
-Conan "MTV Generation" O' Brien: Quarter-circle-forward to perform an incredibly powerful attack. Has a 99% chance of missing if the target is over age 30.”

Above: AforExtreme combined his Japanophilia into Gainax vs Nippon Ichi

Above: Dutch infused the time honored Custer’s Revenge with Sailor Moon. Hey, at least she’s untied!

Above: Paragon made a Master Kitteh…

Above: Whereas schnazzyone decided introduce the good Mrs. Kitty to Al Simmons

Garfunkling said:
“Turok and Yoshi's Island. Imagine the possibilities!”

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