Crossovers that need to happen!

michaelmcc827 said:
“I think a Mass Effect/Star Wars crossover would be cool, where the SW people would help fight the Reapers.”
(Also suggested by CoolBowling)

Above: Grif Na’vified Faith in his Mirror’s Edge/Avatar mash-up

Above: Servo presents a horrifying “Whoever wins, we lose” scenario

Above: mechanicalgrape brought Faxanadu and Life Force together because a nation demanded it!

Above: “Tales of Symphonia meet the Thundercats?” asks Tygerclaws. If Mobile Suit Gundam can repeatedly mate with Dynasty Warriors, why the hell not?

Above: MercenaryQ takes Ace Combat to the only place it can go: Lylat

Corsair89 said:
“Super Smash Bros. and Kingdom Hearts. Combine two mash ups and the internet explodes with glee.”

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