Creative Call of Duty Warzone trick helps you identify the nearly invisible Roze skin

Roze in Warzone
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Call of Duty: Warzone players have come up with a simple solution to help them identify people using the Roze skin.

The skin may be hard to spot, however, one Redditor has pointed out a wonderful little trick you can use to help make the Roze skin a bit more visible. Shared by user TheMazilla (opens in new tab), they show off something you can do in the pre-lobby to give you a helping hand against players wearing it.

You can spray-paint the character which will basically highlight them if you paint them with a brighter colour.

Check out the trick in action below:

PSA: Every pre lobby I try to catch a Roze skin for some satisfaction, be a teamplayer and help each other, let's give them some colour! :D (Yes, he will be painted until the next dead, so they will be marked in the early game.) from r/CODWarzone

If you want to try it for yourself, all you need to do is find a Roze during a pre-lobby, spray them with your preferred bright paint and then, the hard part, you have to stick close to them and make sure they don't die before the real match begins.

Supposedly by doing this, as talked about in the comments section of the post, this method "doesn't stick", and that you will only be able to see the spray-painted character if you are near them when they're sprayed during the pre-lobby will you be able to see them. The same person also suggested that "you won't even see them if you go far away enough and come back".

The best part, however, is that the paint will persist into the actual match. The person using the Roze skin will even see themselves spray-painted in the intro plane cutscene and in their killcam.

There have been complaints about this skin since October, so players have been getting creative in their ways to deal with it. Many people want the skin to be re-worked and add some form of lighting to the skin in Warzone, or to just remove it entirely.

People in the comments are saying that this is something they frequently do, so it does seem like it's a pretty reliable and well-documented method to give you something of an upper hand against players trying to lurk in the shadows. 

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