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Cheap Razer headsets are amongst our favorite Prime Day deals so far

Get a cheap Razer headset right now as part of Amazon Prime Day
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If you're on the lookout for a cheap gaming headset during the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals then these are seriously worth your consideration. 

A Razer headset is likely to be one of the best gaming headsets around, and there are four cracking (get it?) offers on the table today as part of the wider Amazon Prime Day headset deals.

Today's offerings are four-fold: there's the infamous Kraken, the Kraken X, the Kraken Tournament Edition, and the Nari all on offer today with big discounts.

The Kraken is discounted across four colors, with the Black and Green variants being the best value offerings at $49.99 now. This is one of the best all-round headsets you can buy in terms of value, audio excellence, design, and mic quality - and at $49.99 (opens in new tab) it's a total bargain. The Kraken X is a slimline version of its namesake and is perfect for those who want a Kraken headset on a budget - that's a snip at $32.99 (opens in new tab). The Tournament Edition version of the Kraken edges the headset range into the premium end of its scale and with 40 dollars off the list price, this is an absolute bargain and gets you so much versatility and bang-for-buck value - it's currently down to $59.99 (opens in new tab)

There's also the Razer Thresher headset for PS4 and PC which is an excellent headset; it's my go-to third-party PS4 headset and this is down to $99.99 (opens in new tab). Lastly, we have the premium Nari Ultimate wireless headset - but with a twist. It's the Overwatch Lucio special edition which means it has a 'special' aesthetic draped all over it, which is.....striking. If you can see past it, you can take advantage of an amazing discount of $100 off the list price as it's down to just $129.99. (opens in new tab)

Cheap Razer headsets

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Razer Kraken (Green) | $80 $49.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Razer Kraken is one of the best all-round headsets money can buy. And with a discount on a host of colors, there's bound to be one here for you too. The whole set is on offer with the Black one down to $49.99 (opens in new tab); Quartz Pink is now $59.99 (opens in new tab); and the Mercury White is $59.99 (opens in new tab). As a reminder, this deal ends at 13.00 PT on the 14th of October.

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Razer Kraken X | $50 $32.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Want a cheaper alternative? The wired Kraken X is only $33, and compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile - and, importantly, all of the next-gen consoles too. As a reminder, this deal ends at 13.00 PT on the 14th of October.

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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition | $100 $59.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This has been one of our absolute favorite gaming headsets for the main consoles in the last couple of years, but it's compatible with everything and will serve you very well. Get it cheap while you can. As a reminder, this deal ends at 13.00 PT on the 14th of October.

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Razer Thresher headset | $130 $99.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This is a great PS4 and PC headset that can be used wirelessly or wired. As third-party PS4 headsets go, it's one of my absolute favorites and is never far away from my setup.

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Nari Ultimate Wireless (Overwatch Edition) | $230 $129.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This is one of Razer's best headsets going, we think, and it works on PC, PS4, and the upcoming PS5. We know it's got quite the aesthetic going on, but if you want a premium one for less then this is the headset to get. Plus when you're wearing it you won't be able to see the design anyway... The 'normal' Nari is also discounted and is now down to $89.99. As a reminder, this deal ends at 13.00 PT on the 14th of October.

And for more Razer gear and advice check out our guides to Razer streaming (opens in new tab) and Razer laptops (opens in new tab).

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