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This cheap 4K TV deal is still going: get a massive 65-inch Philips screen for under $300

This cheap 4K TV deal is still going: get a massive 65-inch Philips screen for under $300
(Image credit: Philips)

This is more like it. Among the cacophony of this week's Black Friday game deals (opens in new tab), more of which are appearing with each passing moment, some strong contenders for best deals are appearing. And this is certainly one of them: right now Walmart is running one of the absolute best Black Friday TV deals (opens in new tab) we've seen so far - and that we've seen all year, in fact. The retailer is currently selling a 65-inch (!) 4K TV from electronics manufacturer Philips - the 65PFL5504/F7 model - for a bargain basement price of just $278 (opens in new tab). This is an incredible amount of TV for your money and equates to less than most of the Nintendo Switch deals we've seen thus far.

This price cut goes deeper than even the best 4K TVs for under $500 (opens in new tab). What's more, this kind of cheap 4K TV deal is the kind of Black Friday madness we thought we'd see and that we have grown to look forward to. This is a solid 4K, HDR panel that will fill most living room walls comfortably and offer a great screen - particularly for console gaming. Hell, at this price, you could get it solely for your console gaming setup and enjoy a beastly TV screen just for your games. 

If you want something a little more premium for the same price and you're willing to sacrifice a little bit of screen size then you could go for this Samsung 4K TV deal instead: the 50-inch NU6900 model is also at $278 at Walmart (opens in new tab). This panel might have slightly more in common with our best gaming TVs (opens in new tab), but both of these TVs are absolute bargains. You could get one of each, have acquired 115 inches of quality TV, and have change from $600! Madness. 

Ensure you build the whole package this sales period and peruse the best PS4 Black Friday (opens in new tab) deals and the best Xbox One X Black Friday (opens in new tab) deals you can find. Hooking one of these up to your new television will give you a feast for your eyes. Crossing in-game landscapes in Red Dead Redemption 2's American West or Death Stranding's moody wastelands would be a sheer joy to behold on either panel.

Cheap gaming TV deal

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Philips 65-inch 4K LED TV | just $278 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
This is just so cheap for a massive and quality TV. Just buy two or more, for goodness' sake; one of the best 4K TV deals going this year.

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Samsung 50-inch 4K TV LED TV | UN6900 model | just $278 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Not as beastly in size as the Philips is, but boy, is this a whole lotta value too. Samsung TVs and gaming are a great match.

These are absolutely TVs that can hold their own, offer you quality images and enjoyable pictures for your entertainments and games, and give you excellence in that glorious 4K resolution. These TVs were built to please and fill your wall space, and at this price, you can do that for an absolute bargain price.

To team your new TV with one of the best audio packages, consider one of the best gaming sound systems (opens in new tab) to hook up to it. Nice.

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