CES 2012: Watch the livestream of Sony's CES press conference starting at 5PM PT

Today, the world of tech converges on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which is essentially to tech and gadgets what E3 is to gaming. And since gaming falls into the "tech" category, that means there could be some gaming news, too. Join us at 5pm PT for a livestream of Sony's CES press conference, which should include some interesting PS3, Vita, and possible PS4 news.

In past years, Sony has used CES has a more hardware-focused version of E3, focusing on new hardware announcements and revealing partnerships that expand its media services. With the Vita out in just under two months, we expect to hear some news about the US launch, and possibly even a feature reveal or two. There's also a chance that Sony may lift the curtain on the PlayStation 4, though we're not sure we would bet on it.

Check back at 5pm PT for the livestream, and stay tuned to GamesRadar all this week while we bring you all the CES news you care about.

Hollander Cooper

Hollander Cooper was the Lead Features Editor of GamesRadar+ between 2011 and 2014. After that lengthy stint managing GR's editorial calendar he moved behind the curtain and into the video game industry itself, working as social media manager for EA and as a communications lead at Riot Games. Hollander is currently stationed at Apple as an organic social lead for the App Store and Apple Arcade.