Carrie-Anne Moss to play Jeryn Hogarth in Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones panel was one of the highlights of the New York Comic Con, with the studio airing some first footage from the new series, as well as dropping new info about its characters and plot. One of the most significant nuggets regards Carrie-Anne Moss’s character, who isn’t quite as she was first described in the initial synopsis.

When The Matrix star was first cast, Moss was said to be playing a character named Harper who was vaguely described as a potential ally for Miss Jones. Now it transpires that she will actually be playing none other than Jeryn Hogarth, a name that should ring some bells for comic-book aficionados. In the source material, Hogarth is the manager of Heroes for Hire, aka Iron Fist and Luke Cage, both of whom will be getting their own solo series further down the track.

In the comic-books Hogarth is a male character, but from the looks of the on-set images that have emerged online, Moss will be playing Jeryn as a gay woman. Just what role she’ll take in the new show remains to be seen, but with Luke Cage set to feature prominently, it makes sense to introduce her here. We’ll find out just how significant her involvement will be when Jessica Jones lands on Netflix on November 20 2015.

George Wales

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