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Call of Duty: Warzone zombies now infesting the TV station, as if local news wasn't struggling enough

Call of Duty Warzone zombies gulag
(Image credit: Activision)

The Call of Duty: Warzone zombies have withdrawn from the bank and are now coming at you (un)live from the TV station.

The official Call of Duty Twitter account confirmed the latest stage of the grand zombie migration, saying that it's "Threat Level: Dire" for the BCH4 TV Station located northwest of the stadium. Keep an eye out for swarms of hungry dead if you end up charting a path through the area - at least until they move on or the Warzone nuke event finally wipes them and everything else in Verdansk off the surface of the earth. 

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The TV station marks the fifth Warzone location to have been infested by zombies so far, starting with the new Shipwreck location where they came ashore in the first place, then the Prison, then the Hospital, and then the Bank. It seems like they're sticking to the east side of the map so far, but there's no telling where their rotting internal compasses will point them to next. Really though, how many more threat levels can there be that are worse than "Dire"?

So far, the general idea has been the same for each zombie hot spot: let the zombies loose, mow them down, and then grab up all the loot before other squads can snatch it up ahead of you.

Watch the skies: Call of Duty: Warzone attack helicopters have returned after a 3 month absence.

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