Call of Duty: Warzone quietly adds powerful new killstreaks

Call of Duty: Warzone
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You can now buy Foresight at Warzone missile silo containment monitors, as well as other powerful killstreaks, as first spotted by leak site Modern Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Reloaded just dropped yesterday, with a whole host of new maps, Operators, and more. But the update also quietly added two new killstreaks without any fanfare - and you'll want to try and nab them during your next drop into Verdansk.

The first killstreak is Bombardment, which unleashes an absolutely devastating cluster of bombs in a designated area that lasts for nearly a minute. It's the kind of killstreak that will absolutely clear a final circle, and could be the difference between first and second place finishes. Then there's Foresight, which shows you how the circles will play out for the entire round, which will make picking your rotations a no-brainer. Bombardment and Foresight are available, but you can't just buy them at a regular ol' buy sation.

To get Bombardment, you'll need to activate a computer terminal in an outbreak area of Verdansk (at time of writing that's the Bank in the south-central portion of the map). Kill all the zombies in the area and pick up the yellow access card that drops, then use that to open a nearby yellow supply crate, which contains a Protocol Access card. Head to a container monitor and use that card to unlock Bombardment. 

Obtaining Foresight is a little bit easier, but way more expensive. Just head to one of several Containment Monitor Stations, which are scattered throughout the map, and purchase it for $20,000. You can also buy an Advanced UAV, a Loadout Drop Marker, and more useful gear at these stations. 

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