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Call of Duty Warzone is planning Fortnite-like events to change the game

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Call of Duty Warzone (opens in new tab)'s developers have plans for some Fortnite-like events that could shake things up even more than its seasonal transitions.

Infinity Ward narrative director Taylor Kurosaki spoke to VentureBeat (opens in new tab) about how the Modern Warfare story continues in Warzone mode. So far, players have been able to keep up with the key events shaping the conflict of Warzone (which takes place after both the single-player and Spec Ops campaigns) by watching intro cinematics for each season.

When interviewer Dean Takahashi mentioned that Warzone has the potential for events like the black hole that marked the transition to Fortnite Chapter 2, Kurosaki agreed: "That’s exactly the kind of thing that we’re working on, that we have planned. Again, it’s all going to fit into this macro that we’ve established in Modern Warfare, and that we’ve continued into Warzone. If you know who the players are in Modern Warfare, it’ll all make sense, and it’ll all feel appropriate to the universe."

Kurosaki also pointed out that players are starting to find "Easter eggs in the maps, hidden areas in the maps" that tell more of the story. Still, that's the kind of thing you have to go looking for, and that you could easily miss in the intensity of a multiplayer match. Big game-changing events like the blackhole make the story manifest for all players, no matter how invested they are in the narrative - which I'm sure can be both exciting and utterly terrifying for the developers.

Kurosaki didn't reveal any specific plans for Warzone events, but we'll be sure to keep our eyes open for any clues. I mean, Fortnite already proved that you can sneak zombies into a battle royale mode, and Modern Warfare does have a conspicuous lack of the undead…

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