Call of Duty Warzone Halloween Scream and Donnie Darko bundles leak

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The Warzone Haunting event and Black Ops Cold War Halloween bundles appear to have leaked early, and they want to know if you like scary movies.

Twitter user ModenasHD shared an image that seems to show the three new bundles which will be dropping into the games as part of The Haunting event, reportedly set to begin on October 18. The three leaked packs are a limited-time Scream Operator Bundle, a Ghost of War Tracer Pack with Ultra Skin, and a Donnie Darko Tracer Pack limited-time bundle.

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This latest Haunting event will seemingly be a great time for fans of tongue-in-cheek '90s/early noughties horror, given the inclusion of Scream and Donnie Darko - Ghost of War seems to be an original creation rather than a tie-in to the similarly named Ghosts of War film from 2020, at least from what we can tell so far.

Last year's Haunting of Verdansk event brought in skins from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Saw movies, and now Ghostface will be able to join their ranks. Honestly, Ghostface seems like the least well-equipped of the three to kill well-trained operators rather than panicking teenagers, but hopefully whoever's wearing the white plastic mask this time has been spending some time at the firing range.

The 2020 event also dropped in new gear to earn for free as well as the debut of the Zombie Royale game mode - but we'll have to wait and see what else is coming this year.

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